You are cordially invited to attend the UKIP Wales Third Grassroots Conference on Saturday 13th October 2018 at 11.00 am at



All Grassroots Conferences are called on the basis that all British subjects have a right of free association.

The Purpose of this Meeting is to consider, and, if so advised, approve a Constitution for UKIP Wales.

On the 21st July 2018 the Second Grassroots Conference:

Approved a structure for a Wales Executive Committee (WEC) comprising 3 UKIP members from each of the 5 Regions which would elect its own Officers.

The members from each of the 5 Regions met separately.

North Wales, South Wales West and South Wales East elected 3, South Wales Central elected 2 (there being no others present). Mid & West Wales deferred a decision while they consulted colleague but did not stand in the way of the others proceeding.

The members so elected met and unanimously elected the following: Chairman: David Rowlands, Vice Chairman: Warwick Nicholson, Secretary: Ian Williams

The Party Chairman Tony McIntyre authorised release from the newly updated Party database of Welsh Membership details to the Wales Executive Committee, and thanks to the painstaking work of Ian Williams in converting information in Excel to a more user – friendly format we in the Grassroots movement can now reach all members. (If you know of any member who has not received this message please inform Ian Williams).

On the 21st July 2018 a draft Constitution was distributed.

Our colleague Cedric Lodge from Caernarfon responded with a draft of Articles, akin to those of a Company, which were far superior. Pulling together related matters and providing subject headings to guide the reader through the document, a revised version of Cedric’s draft is enclosed  [Ed: in the communication sent to UKIP Wales members. It will be published here in UKIP Daily in the coming days.]

We discussed it at our South Wales East meeting on the 13th September 2018 and the only significant amendment has been incorporated.

The Draft Articles for UKIP Wales are to be published separately in UKIP Daily in the coming days.

(When you read the draft Articles, please consider the document as a whole, and also consider each line starting from the premise that nothing we humans can devise will be perfect in considering each proposition please ask yourself, can I live with this? Will it work?)

If the Draft Articles are approved, subject to amendments made on 13th October 2018, it is proposed that they be adopted, and become effective at the first Annual General Meeting of UKIP Wales on Saturday 23rd February 2019 at 11.00 am at the Strand Hall, Strand Street, Builth Wells



AGENDA  13th October 2018


1 Welcome and introductions – David Rowlands AM

2 Presentation of Articles

3 Vote on approval of Articles

4 Vote on appointing 23rd February as 1st AGM

5 Regional updates – South Wales West replacement for Caroline Jones South Wales, Central additional representative – Mid & West Wales appoint 3 members     

Provisional dates:

The fourth Saturday in the month:  24th November 2018

WEC 26th January – WEC 23rd February

Annual General Meeting:  23rd March – Freedom Day General Meeting

WEC 27th April – WEC 25th May – WEC22nd June

7 A.O.B.


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