As we all know, Universities are a haven for left-wing loonies as they promote left-wing views and the majority of the lecturers are left-wing. Only part-time lecturers like the great David Starkey present an alternative view for these students, and what happens? He is constantly ridiculed and dubbed “racist”, and was once known as “Britain’s rudest man”. It’s only because he is so good at putting the Liberal left in their rightful place and they can’t handle it.

Hence, this is why the majority of Universities are incredibly left-wing, because they are incredibly bigoted and everyone must agree with their views. It’s strange because the left are very quick to shout out “bigot” to UKIP representatives and Nigel Farage, yet they are the ones who are truly bigoted! If any left-wing liberals are reading this, here is a definition for you,

Bigot: A person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions”.

Now doesn’t that sound familiar? I’m sure many of you can resonate with that, surely? Seeing as nearly every UKIP Conference is marred by you, who are intolerant to our views. Groups and pages on Facebook like “Keep UKIP out of Kent” are prime examples of these bigoted views and are – as Young Independence put it – an affront to democracy. You could almost call it a mild form of fascism, by oppressing opposition.

This brings me to something in the news recently: the Student Union at Nottingham Trent University decided to ban students from forming a UKIP society. This is an absolute disgrace and is possibly the biggest form of bigotry that an Educational establishment could possibly allow. If you disagree with their action, please sign the Change.Org petition here.

Universities, schools, and teachers are meant to remain impartial with their political views. However, what I’m hearing more often is teachers talking down UKIP. At my own school I heard it, and increasingly I am hearing my fellow YI’ers telling each other about a teacher or lecturer talking down UKIP.

This is not acceptable at all. Everyone is entitled to their views, but teachers are role-models and easily influence the views of their students. Students listen to their teachers, that is the point of education, so what’s stopping them from adopting their political beliefs as their own? Absolutely nothing. That is why so many students are left-wing, because it’s being indoctrinated.

There are a few of us who haven’t been indoctrinated and see the other parties for what they really are. We see that immigration is a real issue and needs to be controlled so we can prepare our services for the years to come. It’s all about sustainability, and unlimited, mass uncontrolled immigration is not sustainable, as we in UKIP know and understand. We see that common sense must prevail. We in YI – like the rest of us UKIPpers – are incredibly passionate and hard-working, more so than any other party’s youth wing. Young people have become disillusioned with politicians and it is UKIP that has restarted the debate among young people.

Finally, there is a party that represents the people; finally, a party that young people can resonate with; finally, a party with common sense. YI has a dedicated Chairman, in Jack Duffin, and a brilliant network of regional, county and local representatives. We all work incredibly hard to convince others our age to join UKIP or take a look at our policies and how we can help young people. We bear the brunt of most of the abuse that is directed at UKIP, because so many of our peers are anti-UKIP as they are sucked into the misrepresentation by the media and their teachers.

We are a very organised bunch, with our own action days for fellow YI’ers who are standing for Local Council or as a PPC and we are as dedicated as any other UKIPper. The best thing about most of us though – and the reason why UKIP should be commended – is that we have never been a member of any other party, and probably would never have got involved with politics if it wasn’t for UKIP. This can be said for hundreds of thousands of other UKIP voters as well. UKIP has engaged the younger voter and the public in general, whether it be because they support us, or not. We are going to see – in my opinion – a larger voter turnout on May 7th than what this country has seen for a very long time, and you could argue that it’s solely down to UKIP and Nigel Farage.

UKIP has changed the way we look at politics, and it’s certainly for the better.

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