Reports of UKIP’s death will be greatly exaggerated after the election, especially by our political detractors, for whom life would be much easier if the British no longer had such a vocal spokesperson.

The People’s Army will keep on marching until Independence Day and the return of freedom and prosperity to our dear land.

13 percent of the vote, replacing as the third party the LibDems in England and Plaid Cymru in Wales, is a major achievement for our activists everywhere. 13 percent who will continue to be taxed, inspected and regulated, having just one voice in Parliament is an immoral injustice casting a very long shadow over the legitimacy of the political process. The system has handed the SNP an almost totalitarian result. Even the Liberals obtaining a similar percentage in 1979 received 11 seats. At least, 65 seats was our due.



March on London

The People’s Army must first march on London and demand that this gross injustice is remedied. Peers must be created to repair the democratic deficit between the election result and the will of the people. There can be no finer leader of this march than Nigel Farage, also a victim of this injustice.

UKIP will show their true strength in the next Welsh assembly elections, conducted on a form of proportional representation, and the Welsh will obtain representatives who wish to actually hold government to accounts, speaking truth to power.

Our true strength in local government will be shown, increasingly the power base for UKIP, speaking up for common sense on local issues and against the arbitrary decisions of the state. We control our first ever Council in Thanet; many more will follow.



Cameron’s deceit on Europe

Most important of all, a Cameron referendum on Europe in 2017 and done on a false platform. The European Commission have bowed to the inevitable and are only too keen to help. Cameron’s cunning plan is to make minor, cosmetic changes in the relationship with the EU and to present them as major triumphs. This is the tried and tested modus operandi of British governments since our accession-go to Brussels to debate issues which should never have been under question and present them as major victories in 11th hour deals.

I wrote two submissions to the FCO consultation on the Review of the Balance of Competencies between the UK government and the EU. The official government response was predictable. They sought the most minor of changes across a whole range of governmental responsibilities. Civil servants and failed national politicians are the chief beneficiaries of Europe- the people are its victims.

We have to hold Cameron to account- let us see how many on the so-called Tory right join us. It will be a time of major Tory turmoil as their MPs actually have to be honest and tell their constituencies whether they really want BREXIT. No more of one story in Westminster, another in Brussels and another at the Association lunch. The true believers in the greatness of our nation no longer have the excuse of the LibDem albatross hung around their necks, a pro-European bird well and truly dead.


The LibDems may be history but we will face a well-funded pro-Europe business lobby. The business case against continued membership has to be made totally watertight. BREXIT and new prosperity beckons.



How should UKIP campaign?

These are campaigns but how should UKIP campaign? UKIP members will do what it takes because that is what they are like.

We should act against every arbitrary decision of the state, whether European, national, regional or local. We must speak for those that work, those that want to work and those that cannot work, through no fault of their own. We have to present boldly a totally different vision of our country and give the people a plan to get there.



Human dignity should be the test for every act of government.

At the centre of this vision and this plan should be human dignity, long neglected as trust and charity have been eroded in the post-War years. We should present socialism as a failed programme. They have had every opportunity since 1945 to make it work. Yet in 2015, we have the odious spectacle of inspectors calling to determine whether those suffering from terminal illnesses are fit for work and a social security system dependent on foodbanks run by churches. By the time this government finishes it work, 2 million people will be using foodbanks. Mental pain is every bit as acute, if not worse than physical pain, yet even before the election was over cuts in mental health services were prophesied in the press. The alleged “reform” of the NHS by the Tories has led to swathes of middle managers and less front line staff.



Cracking the Labour vote

The LibDems, for whom truth was a mere negotiation between extremes, are in the dustbin of history. This is the destiny of Labour who have repeatedly failed their most natural supporters. We will sweep them away in England and Wales as the SNP has done. Let us take the historic opportunity presented by their electoral weakness.



Cracking the Tory vote

Along with the contempt for human dignity, the other drum beats at the funeral of civilised society are high taxation and over-regulation. Tories and sometimes even Labour talk-the-talk on regulation and taxation but never deliver. Since 1970, government in London and Brussels is littered with failed deregulation and failed better regulation initiatives. Taxation simply transfers power to allocate resources from people to the state.

Tory credibility will slip now they govern on their own. The LibDems can no longer be scapegoats. UKIP will not only take up the Tory mantle but also deliver.



Standing up to left-wing hate

On a personal note, I was subjected to a campaign of personal vilification in the left-wing press as the candidate in the wonderful Dwyfor Meirionnydd seat, also a bastion of Plaid Cymru. It takes courage to come out for UKIP in these circumstances. I tried to create the conditions where people no longer have to be afraid to proclaim their UKIP allegiance. Let us spread this far and wide.



We are UK

Coming from Wales, the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is close to my heart and in recent months it has been endangered by Cameron’s manoeuvrings and Miliband’s distance from his natural supporters. UKIP must be the Apostles of the Union, proclaiming the benefits at all times. Why do the SNP and Plaid Cymru want to ‘liberate’ themselves from Great Britain to be slaves of European bureaucrats?

So this is why I can confidently say, the best days of UKIP are ahead of us.


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