Over the past year of unprecedented success for UKIP, a monotonous refrain has been growing ever louder from the terrified Tory party and their media mouthpieces: a UKIP vote will let Labour win.
This may once have been true in some places, but it is no longer so. Parliamentary and Council by elections across the length and breadth of Britain in 2013 – but strikingly so in Labour-voting parts of the North and Midlands – show that the huge tranche of voters who are  surging to UKIP in ever greater numbers, come from all parties ( yes, even Liberal Democrats)  and from “None of the Above” as well.
Now a detailed new batch of Survation opinion polls in marginal Westminster Parliamentary seats commissioned by UKIP donor Alan Bown has scientifically confirmed this  surge.  Wherever the three old parties smugly think they are sitting pretty, it is UKIP which is offering the only real opposition, and coming up fast on the rails.
After an earlier Survation/Bown poll showing UKIP pushing the Tories into third place in South Thanet, ( which apparently prompted  the seat’s Euro-fanatic Tory MP Laura Sandys to announce that she was throwing in the towel and standing down at the General Election), – in the latest surveys UKIP take second place in three out of the four constituencies surveyed: Great Yarmouth (30%); Folkestone and Hythe (28%); and Bognor Regis and Littlehampton (27%). Only in Crewe and Nantwich (11%) did UKIP come third rather than second, although pushing the Lib Dems down to a pitiful 6%.
Significantly,  nearly 70 % of UKIP voters questioned in these seats did not vote Conservative in the 2010 General Election, meaning that the Tory myth that there is a lost tribe of Tory voters  who have wandered into UKIP’s camp, whose votes have merely been mislaid and who will safely return to the blue fold come the next election is just that: a myth.
Even if UKIP were to disappear tomorrow, just a quarter of UKIP voters would vote for the Cameron Conservatives in the next General Election. And, after the sickening lies and  let-downs that this Government has inflicted on them, who can blame them?
As anyone who has attended UKIP public meetings over the past year will tell you, the level of rage against the three established political parties – LibLabCon –  is almost palpable; and the corresponding enthusiasm for UKIP’s cogent, common sense alternative to the politics of betrayal and failure is astronomic.
We are not, repeat not, the Conservative party in exile. We are a new force, determined to reverse the decline and surrender visited on us by all three of the old parties. As these polls show, we have caught the imagination of the British people and we are going to win back our country from those who have stolen it.
Editor’s Note: The results of this poll were published in a full-page advertisment in the Telegraph on Tuesday 17 December which is shown below:bown advert Telegraph 17 Dec
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