Today, the European Parliament opened, and all our MEPs were there with their “March for Freedom” into the Chamber, followed by turning their back on the flag during the playing of the anthem. This has been well reported already on UKIP’s website and in the Daily Express.

It’s the reader’s comments that are more interesting though, important though the symbolic act was. OK, the Express is the most UKIP-friendly paper, but other than 1 lefty troll, commenter support was 100% behind UKIP and our MEPs, as illustrated with this selection:

JudeH  +5

Well done UKIP you had my vote on the European election and will have it on the next one also.

Adenuf  +7

Well done UKIP. Shame on the rest of the quislings.

mike1222 +31

Good! We have our OWN flag and National Anthem. Get us out of this cess-pit of greed and corruption.

S J1  +32

Well done, Britain should be proud of you. Like UKIP we the people should hold a march for FREEDOM.

jbl  +9

I have moaned for years that politicians have knocked the Bulldog Spirit out of us and are systematically destroying our identity. UKIP make me a proud man today for standing up for Britain against the tyrants of the EU. Bravo Mr Farage, I feel you are the one to put the Great back into Britain. To Mr Farage – Get the Bulldog on your UKIP Flag please.

Reverend Richard de Meath  +9

This is a great show of dignity, rather than the rows of quislings willing to sell their countries and fellow citizens down the river.

Pendragon23  -16 (yes, minus)

What a bunch of immature excuses for politicians. Hypocrites and uncaring bunch of disrespectful racists. They should be kicked out.

RustyRed   +28

UKIP have a long tough battle ahead. BBC R4 this morning had a show dedicated to UK membershi of the EU. The blindingly obvious pro EU BBC presenter tried to counter any callers who were anti EU (and there hardly any, suggesting the calls were carefully screened and selected). She had with her a guest described as an exoert on EU matters (a European professor). Many callers pointed out that EU! MONEY!! was benefiting them, as confirmed by the presenter and the professor when the truth is that it is UK and German taxpayers money (as the second highest net contributor after Germany), no mention of the VAT take that the EU grabs from the UK! The professor said the UK had benefited from culture from the EU!!!!! The whole program was a disgrace.

(And the popularity ticks were taken about two hours after the article went up.

On the last comment, thanks to Chris Harlow, the R4 programme has been identified as “You and Yours” of today 1 July)

There you have it, that’s what Express readers think. I would say that Telegraph, Mail, Sun and Mirror readers would probably make similar comments, leaving just the Independent, Times and Guardian singing the praises of the EU, it’s bl**dy anthem and all that it stands for.

(Photo: Daily Express/AP/EPA)
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