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In July 2019 we will lose our MEPs, their salaries, their allowances for staff and offices, and access to the funds of ADDE and IDDE. The few remaining paid staff will have to work Stakhanovite hours if they are to keep up with requirements, and in busy campaign periods will cause bottlenecks and delays entirely because they are required to do more than is humanly possible.

Diminishing funds mean fewer salaried staff. The latest to go is Gawain Towler.

That means more work for fewer people, and an executive which is evermore ineffectual. The serious loss of paid staff compels us to rely on volunteers to carry out the necessary work and to organise our next General Election Campaign.

In order to attract the maximum number of volunteers to execute the policies decided by the Leader and the Governing Body executive activity will have to be devolved to areas in which volunteer members can drive to a central meeting place within one hour,  ie:the Counties in England, and the sub-regions of Wales, Scotland, and London.

(Adjustments may be required in the vast sub-regions of the Highlands and Mid & West Wales)

Democratic County Branches made up of all UKIP members with their wide ranging talents will be able to receive requests from the Leader and Governing Body, and to act on them locally.

County Branches will provide a forum for all UKIP members in the constituencies to meet each other, to hear visiting speakers, to develop camaraderie, to prepare for campaigning, and to overcome the enemy of isolation, ensure that those Constituency Associations which are fully operational are never interfered with but that less well developed constituencies are helped in every way.

All UKIP members within the County will be members of the County Branch.

The relationship between the Constituency Associations and the County Branch is not hierarchical. It is one of co-operation and mutual support. The constitution for a County Branch will be as for a Constituency Association. The County Branch will need the usual complement of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus every other functionary they can think of to break the work down into manageable units. (By an accident of history the only County Branch in the Party is in South Wales East. It is the most successful sub-region in Wales)

Imagine the effect of releasing the suppressed energy of grassroot members!

Instead of the isolation of a separate Constituency Branch with a few people trying to hold it together we would have a County Branch with 5 times the number of active people. Once you get to 11 active people the dynamic changes. It is no accident that soccer, cricket and hockey teams have 11 players. People work well in teams of that size.

Instead of the isolation of Chairman-only meetings we also have all the Secretaries, Treasurers and other active members meeting together regularly in the County Branch. Then things will begin to buzz.

The top-down model of Chairmen-only meetings, and the deliberate isolation of Constituency Branches is damaging the Party, because it doesn’t work, and gets in the way of progress.

Latterly the imposition of Controllers made things worse. We are Brits, and react against being bossed about.

A natural Leader expresses what the members already believe, and socks it to the outside world.

A natural Leader does not need to “control” members because we are already on side.

Under the mistaken top-down, Chairmen-only, Controller model we are haemorrhaging members who are alienated by the arrogance of the ruling hierarchy. That model must be abandoned if we are to save the Party.

The democratic County Model answers the question of how we manage with minimal paid executive staff and provides a dynamic engine capable of revitalising the party and reconciling the members with the leadership. The inadequacy of the Party’s senior staff at the recent General Election is going to get worse. The present model of Governance must result in disaster at the next General Election. The Democratic County solution is essential to make good the Executive Deficit.

No other solution has been proposed!

UKIP will fail in the next General Election if we do not adopt the Democratic County model.

Ed: Please read and hand around this article and the invitation to the meeting on March 4th where this issue will be debated:

“Forward with Friends”

We grassroots are on our own – we do not have access to members’ emails, and it looks as if the hierarchy is already starting to close ranks again. So we need to help each other – and thus help the Party!

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