The biggest issue facing our country is not: Brexit blundering; runaway immigration; rampant political correctness; rising Islamist terrorism; disappearing defence capabilities; burgeoning national debt; punitive taxes; expanding unaccountable Big Brother/nanny state government; crises laden NHS; white elephant vanity projects; unaffordable housing; falling competitiveness (poor productivity) etc.  These are symptoms of a serious underlying problem; the incompetence, deceit and treachery of our ruling class, in particular our political Establishment, and their fellow travelers in the main stream media (MSM).  If they had done the job of governing this country better, these challenges (and disasters) would not be affecting us all.

In turn, the behaviour of our rulers could itself be symptoms of even deeper seated malaise. There is the decline of empiricism as the basis for knowledge, thought and action (briefly explained in The Hidden Revolution). There is also the rise of relativism where instead of traditional (Judaeo-Christian) values of right or wrong, good and evil, all value systems (and resulting behaviours) are treated as being equally acceptable. Finally, thinking and analysis (such as it is) being corrupted by poor use of language – thinking to ‘spin’ leading to ‘spin’ limiting thought processes, truth and reality. George Orwell noted in Politics and the English Language ‘It (English) becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts’.

The ruling cabal or oligarchy cannot be trusted, based on what they have done over many years, and they should never be allowed to misgovern our country or they will do it all over again, and worse.  We don’t want our country given away, over-run, impoverished and left defenceless. We don’t want our heritage destroyed and future generations saddled with unsustainable debts and dominated by an alien culture. And for a change, we want our government (free from the vice like grip of the EU) to serve the British people, starting now! Brexit changes everything. It provides a once in a generation golden opportunity for everyone, if we seize it. The current political Establishment will inevitably mess things up. Future governments will need an order of magnitude better performance than being EU stooges. Yet all we ever see on display (in Parliament etc.) is big mouths and small brains; even when ‘really’ trying hard.  Many people realise that change from ‘politics as usual’ is desperately needed.

Our country and the British people need a strong, untainted, courageous UKIP to be our voice, to fight our corner protecting us from the ruling Establishment and at the next General Election to win enough seats to be part of the government.  In turn, UKIP needs to be a ‘government in waiting’, of the People, for the People, by the People; why vote for anything less?  In our (largely) two party autocracy, UKIP needs to effectively replace one of the main parties; the TINOs (Tories in Name Only) by building up wide support (through policies, actions and promises etc) amongst the socially conservative, financially prudent, honest and hard-working traditional supporters of both the TINOs and Labour. These are the (forgotten) British citizens whom these parties no longer care anything about, except to deceive and exploit.

UKIP also needs to be continually harrying and exposing the failings of the incompetent, treacherous, dishonest and greedy Establishment and creating victories against them, in order to build its reputation for competence, common-sense, patriotism, democracy, humanity and probity.  This is the way to get noticed and attract increasing support; publicity through aggressive defence of the people, our country and heritage.  And UKIP really does need to get noticed on many different popular and/or worrying fronts or die.  Already the public perception (foisted by the MSM and the Establishment) is that UKIP’s work is done, whereas to win the victory of Brexit and give the British people any sort of meaningful future based on the best of our country’s version of Western Civilisation, UKIP’s work is only just beginning.

UKIP is in no state to provide this vital function. Its problems need to be identified, analysed and corrected.  There are major long-standing internal problems:internal conflict; unclear or changing aims;poor internal two-way communications (up-down and sideways); inability to continuously improve the existing poor performance in many areas; inability to get the most out of the capabilities of the membership, including maximising the gains from working together.  UKIP needs to perform as an organisation far better than the disgraceful legacy parties– this is the challenge for any ‘newcomer’ -equaling the entrenched competition or fighting off their attacks is not good enough. It does not provide a strong incentive to change.  UKIP needs to be more professional, innovative and faster moving than the competition with its own USP (unique selling/voting proposition). Above all, the customer (or voter) experience of UKIP needs to be both a microcosm of how it will behave in government and vastly better than the other parties on individual empowerment, working in partnership with the people (not as overlords), financial prudence, and addressing voter needs, aspirations and fears. The professional touch comes from preparation and planning, attention to detail and training.

Yet improving performance is not rocket science. It needs acquiring best practice, implementing it and sharing it widely in the organisation; imitate, adapt, improve and innovate.  It needs having in place essential factors that facilitate improvements. These are: Motivation to improve; , Supportive organisation which does not create barriers to improvement; Training and education to provide essential competence; Focus to direct efforts towards UKIP’s mission, to where efforts are (most) needed and to avoid ‘going off on effort wasting tangents’. Focus includes preplanning, such as easily understood plans, strategy, goals and guidance.

Every candidate for election needs to be supported by a team working well in advance to prepare the ground work by deploying best practice.  The most obvious jobs or tasks to be shared out within the team are: coaching/training/mentoring; research and analysis; archive/database/IT organisation; media and external liaison; social media wizardry; events arranging; desktop publishing (literature/media design and production); quality control; legal compliance; improvements and communications coordination; fundraising; recruitment/resourcing. Something similar needs be replicated at branch and higher levels in UKIP, probably by allocating responsibilities to specific lead persons or teams.  Thus the living organisation structure is bottom up results and needs driven (not unilaterally imposed top down empire building) and expandable as UKIP grows. This is in addition to the more traditional branch duty holders or the obvious tasks of canvassing voters and distributing literature.

This new Battle of Britain can be won and lessons can be learnt from that ferocious encounter in 1940 between good and evil in defence of our freedom and way of life.  From ‘The Few’, the importance of personal initiative, aggression, discipline, teamwork, and to go in quickly – punch hard – get out!  From The Many actively supporting The Few, every little helps, and what helps most is integration where the overall result is better than the sum of the parts. UKIP’s future can be Our Finest Hour.

Our Mission… to defend our common heritage, liberty, and country. Until we reach our vision… a prosperous, free, democratic and peaceful country for all people governed by the people and a beacon of hope to everyone.

Come join the fight, We’ll make our future bright.

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