The question that I’m most frequently asked is: now that Article 50 has been triggered by the Conservative Prime Minister May, what is the point of UKIP?

For decades we have been governed by complete and utter cowards who, when it comes to confronting harsh realities, prefer to indulge in pathetic virtue signalling and thought policing, instead of confronting the issues, and if that doesn’t work they run into their self constructed safe spaces. We live in a country where, both to the media and the political establishment, feelings matter more than facts, where avoiding causing offence matters more than the reality.

First and foremost, The United Kingdom Independence Party is a patriotic British political party. We must be a Party that actually believes in things. We must position ourselves as the only Party that will always put our own culture, our heritage, our people, and our national interest first. There is absolutely nothing conservative about the modern day Conservative Party, they have no interest whatsoever in cutting immigration, promoting our own Western Christian identity, and in encouraging those who have chosen to make our country their home to accept them. They will not take on the critical cultural issues. We must go head to head with our rotten and failed political class on this.

I’m currently pushing the Party as much as I can, on the NEC. We must not be intimidated by the response, which I can guarantee will be yet more pathetic name calling, which is typical of the establishment. UKIP must now take on the issues that our current, politically correct establishment and our liberal media are far too weak and spineless to address: the issues that the ordinary men and women on the street want urgently discussed and addressed. We must never be scared of offending the mainstream media and certain communities, most of whom will never vote for us anyway.

There is an extreme form of Political Correctness in our country, for example in the disregard of Rotherham child grooming or in zero prosecutions of FGM. Post Brexit, there are three critical, era-defining issues that we must have the bravery and courage to confront:

  1. The societal and cultural side of Mass Immigration,
  2. A failed policy of Multiculturalism, a complete lack of integration and assimilation in every major British city.
  3. The rise of Islamic Jihad and Sharia.

The introduction of direct democracy will be giving all members a direct say on official party policy. This will give us a cutting edge over our opponents and it will make the general public feel that their genuine views and concerns are being addressed. This has worked in Italy for the 5 Star Movement and it will work for us as well.

To those who believe that we should run a mile from the aforementioned issues and become more ‘mainstream’, I say: What will you say to your children and other future generations when the next Rotherham, 7/7, Lee Rigby, or Westminster Jihadist attack happens,  or when the next few thousand British born citizens look to go off and join the next Jihad for the next ISIS equivalent? There will come a stage soon when the demographics are far too big for the security services. Will you say that you refused to lift a finger because you were scared of being called “Racist” or “Xenophobic” or any other buzzwords that the leftists use to shut down the debate?

Within the past 2 decades many of our towns and cities have completely changed beyond all recognition – what about after the next 2 decades, how much further will they change? What sort of country, community and society will you be handing down to future generations?

The time is now – now is the time to take on these issues, without any sort of pandering, cowardice or appeasement.

Therefore I would like anyone who agrees with me to back Anne Marie Waters. Her knowledge on Islamic Jihad and Sharia is second to none. She has travelled all over the world to give speeches on this era-defining issue. She is a valuable asset to our party and will help take us onto the next level. The recent Westminster Jihadist attacked happened around 10 minutes walk from my office. This is real, it’s happening and it’s only going to get worse.

What will it take for you to realise that there are very big problems in modern day Britain that must be confronted now, not in 20 years time or later! Time is running out for our country, and one day soon it will be too late. What will you decide?

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