The seemingly impossible happened on 23 June 2016. A majority of the British electorate voted to leave the European Union. Britain’s exit from the European Union will soon be under way, perhaps over a two year period. What then is to be the future of UKIP when its founding purpose has been achieved?

One must look at the areas that voted to leave. These are areas where neither the Labour nor the Conservative parties speak for the people. Leaving the European Union is a prerequisite for national renewal but it is not guaranteed with the same political establishment in Westminster. The task for UKIP should be to win seats in the House of Commons at the next general election, not only to secure national independence but also to represent the decent working people of Britain who have been ignored and derided by a condescending and sneering elite.

The north of England, the Midlands and Wales, traditionally regarded as the Labour heartlands, all voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union yet are represented by a party that was resolutely in favour of remaining. There is an obvious disconnection between the people and their representatives. Almost everything the contemporary Labour party promotes makes the lives of the people in these areas worse off. Their enthusiasm for mass immigration ‘to make the UK truly multicultural’ and ‘to rub the Right’s nose in diversity’ should disqualify the Labour party from representing the people of the heartlands ever again. Andrew Neather wrote those words without any remorse despite the upheaval it has caused for Labour’s core constituency. These voters are crying out for an alternative to the pernicious doctrine of equality and diversity.

An end to mass immigration is not necessarily affirmed by leaving the European Union. It is quite conceivable that David Cameron’s successor will negotiate British membership of the Single Market while maintaining freedom of movement. Even if Britain secures an opt-out from the freedom of movement clause there is no reason to believe that annual net immigration will fall down to the tens of thousands. Immigration from outside the European Union is still well over a hundred thousand annually. It seems unlikely that the Conservative party will stop the abuse of the asylum system where people claim refugee status after passing through safe countries and are simply shopping around for the most favourable welfare state to reside in. Nor are they likely to end the racket of family reunification and sham marriages. It is inconceivable that the Conservatives have the political will to deport the estimated one million illegal immigrants residing in Britain. It seems almost certain that immigration, both legal and illegal, will not be under control by the end of this parliament and working people will continue to suffer from its ruinous effects.

Will the insane climate change agenda end post Brexit? The only practical effect of the energy policies to reduce carbon use and thereby halt climate change has been to push millions of people into fuel poverty and make British industry less competitive. The poor consumer who cannot afford light and heat suffers from this extreme act of folly as do those out of work after their employers have been forced to close. It is doubtful that either the Labour or Conservative parties will challenge the environmentalists so working people will continue to suffer needlessly from the effects of artificially inflated energy costs.

It would be out of character for the Conservatives to seize this opportunity to thoroughly reform the economy. An end to inflation and enacting a policy of sound money and balanced budgets is a distant dream. The huge and endless government deficits reduce investment into the real economy, lowering the overall level of prosperity and damaging the prospects of working people. To fund profligate government spending we have a cartel of banks, aided and abetted by the Bank of England, inflating the currency by imposing a hidden tax and destroying the savings of ordinary people. The housing bubble which is a consequence of inflation is pricing millions out of the property market. Owning a home is becoming a pipedream for far too many people now. Indeed the younger generation is in many ways worse off than their parents because of an overpriced housing market – a devastating blow for our economic system’s credibility. Every generation should expect to be better off financially than their parents as the economy progresses. Economic stagnation and financial impoverishment should not be countenanced. The working people of Britain are desperate for better representation that will ensure their living standards improve. Sadly it seems likely that in the immediate future the British people will continue to be impoverished by the establishment’s financial irresponsibility.

It is doubtful that the establishment will stop apologising for Britain and her history. The denigration and repudiation of the achievements of Western civilisation from the mainstream media and the education system will in all likelihood be allowed to continue unabashed. Of course anyone should be free to denounce Britain as having contributed nothing to the world except imperialism and racism. However, no one should be furnished by the taxpayer for doing so. A political party that is unashamedly patriotic would be refreshing and popular with the majority of the British people.

If UKIP is to survive and prosper after Britain’s inevitable withdrawal from the European Union it is most likely to be as a radical right-wing populist party that does not shy away from challenging mass immigration, equality and diversity, environmentalism, bureaucratic tyranny and general impoverishment while standing up for the interests of British working people against the globalist elites. None of these positions would contradict UKIP’s democratic and libertarian principles as laid down in the party’s constitution. If the party were to adopt such a strategy it could well capture huge swathes of Labour held seats in England and Wales at the next general election. A new opportunity has opened up for the party and it is up to us if we are to seize it.

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