There are times when keeping one’s countenance is impossible.

There are times when a headline makes one want to howl with laughter – or disbelief – or alternatively to bang one’s head against the table.

This urge was hard to resist when I saw this headline this morning:

David Cameron: Britain should stay in the EU to help tackle Isil and North Korea

Once one has picked up one’s jaw from the floor, one can take a closer look – and no sniggering on the back benches!

Recall that on Monday this week Cameron told the astonished public that a BREXIT would lead to 50,000 ‘refugees’ coming here, and that all the Jungle camp inhabitants would come to Kent because Britain wouldn’t be able to have border and security controls in Calais any longer?

It didn’t take long before our French friends in the Elysee Palace showed up both Cameron and our ambassador in Paris for the ignorant, scare-mongering fools they are.  They explained that the treaty about mutual border controls is a bilateral treaty between France and Britain and is ‘external’ to the EU. It’s called the ‘Treaty of Le Touquet’, dating from 2003.

That put paid to this desperate Cameronian attempt at campaigning for the ‘IN’ vote. It was not a stellar moment for our PM.

Today’s ridiculous Cameronian statement is even worse.

It is worse because he alleges that fighting ISIS is an EU effort – which, as we all know, it isn’t. Or are the USA now the latest EU member state? That would be news, wouldn’t it!

It is worse because he alleges that ‘we’ are fighting North Korea. Well – that’s amazing news, isn’t it, so why weren’t we told?

Once one has stopped guffawing, a closer look shows why Cameron is saying this. He knows that Brussels, behind the public posturing, is aiming to establish a ‘EU Army’.

Remember Nick Clegg? Remember his TV debate with Nigel Farage two years ago? Remember Clegg pooh-poohing the point made by Nigel Farage at that time that Brussels wants such an army? Remember the news from September last year, that Madame Merkel would support Cameron’s negotiations (not the results, just the fact that he’ll be ‘allowed’’ to negotiate) if he supported an EU Army? Read it again here .

Dr Liam Fox, former defence secretary in Cameron’s cabinet and now supporting the OUT vote, made the important point only a couple of days ago, that “Brussels’ push for an EU army is a threat to Britain’s national security and a major reason to back Brexit”, here .

That is the background to this latest of Cameron’s desperate attempts to scare us into voting to stay in the EU. He must support Brussels’ dream of an EU Army.

It couldn’t be more obvious that his fabled ‘re-negotiations’ are nothing more than pixie dust to make us want to stay in, that any concessions made by Brussels are nothing more than crumbs to make us look away from that huge elephant in the corner: to concede ever more of our sovereignty to Brussels, in the name of ‘ever closer union’.

Just ask yourselves: is the sop of concessions on welfare payments to EU immigrants worth giving up our sovereignty? Is it worth giving Brussels the command over our Armed Forces, our lads and lasses, to fight where Brussels commands, not where we, as represented in Parliament, want – perhaps even against North Korea?

To quote Lady Thatcher: No! No! No!

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