Dear Editor,

I write with reference to the “undercover” programme broadcast Thursday night on ITV at 10.40pm. A programme produced by a chap called Henshaw via a firm called Hardcash Productions (nice name!)

This programme is an appalling example of biased, modern, so-called journalism. Set up as a commentary on UK Far Right politics, it merely chose footage, comments and scenarios from a variety of people and organisations that were edited and presented in such a way that showed things in a twisted, out of context and incorrect perspective. Certainly regarding the three people/organisations that I know a bit about, that is. It is these tree entities that I would like to comment upon, and about the unfairness of Mr Henshaw’s piece. I will leave it to others to comment on the treatment that the other organisations such as The BNP and the National Front received, organisations that I know nothing about.

UKIP:  UKIP was portrayed as Far Right leaning. Totally incorrect. Any good journalist, which Henshaw and his colleagues are obviously not, would have or should have mentioned that the Party is a legitimate political force, with locally elected councillors up and down the land, 20 elected MEP’s, a long history, instrumental in forcing the holding of the 2016 Referendum and with near on 4 million voters at the 2015 General Election. He could have been more impressive and fair if he had chosen to mention that the Party is presently having troubles dealing with the aftermath of the leadership election where Anne Marie Waters finished in second place with some 1,000 or so votes less than the Farage-endorsed winner Henry Bolton, troubles including member’s defecting to Anne Marie’s new party ‘For Britain’, which very much includes myself. No, this would have been investigative reporting that did not suit this fascist left winger’s agenda.

Anne Marie Waters:  So, the best they could come up with following months of secret filming by a disingenuous ‘friend’, infiltration by the ladies of ‘close circles’ and, I dare say, attempts at connived entrapment, was some footage of Anne Marie in a private social context saying the words “fuckers” and “shits” and smoking a roll-up cigarette. Well I have some news for these metropolitan media detached elites, this is what ordinary people do whilst having a social drink with what they believe to be like minded friends, they drink alcohol, they smoke cigarettes, they swear. I have heard many many words form Anne Marie both publicly and privately spoken, never does she utter anything but wise, considered, intelligent, articulate and passionate words. She is a rare breed. She is the real deal, she is authentic. Could this be why she came a close second to Henry Bolton, could this be why she has hundreds of thousands of followers on You Tube, could this be why so many have already joined her in her new Party ‘For Britain’?

Henshaw attempted to portray his piece as an expose on comments made by AMW. Sorry my friend: nothing you showed there was anything other than already spoken words in the public domain by Anne Marie. Tell me Mr Henshaw, do you want to live in a land where it is illegal to say something like “Islam is a conquering ideology”? If your answer to this is anything other than… no  … you are on the slippery slope to an Orwellian Hell.

Tommy Robinson: This guy left the EDL over 9 years ago, denouncing their ways.  And still people like Henshaw present his past membership as if it were contemporary. Robinson may speak with a rough urban accent, he may have brushed the wrong way with the law many years ago, but he attracts massive support. This man has near on 900,000 followers on his You Tube content (last time I looked UKIP has some 11,000).

This man and his like have voices that in a free country are as a valid as yours or mine, as valid as Mrs May’s or Nigel Farage’s.  Robinson is a family man, he is a succeful businessman in Bedfordshire.  He is also the writer of his recently published book “Mohammed’s Koran”, a book I am told talks about the threat to us that Islam poses.

Revealingly Henshaw chose to not mention this in his documentary or the fact that a week last Saturday Robinson was due to launch this book at a book signing event in the centre of Manchester. But following Manchester Police intimidating (yes that’s correct – I am not making this up, look it up on Robinsons Twitter account) the venue into cancelling the event, he was forced to inform the over 1000 ticket paying members of the public who were to attend this book signing event that they would have to visit him to collect their books from an outside venue. This Friday night event at Castlefield, the Police “allowed” to happen due to the massive outcry from the public. I’ve seen the video of what and who attended.

I suggest to Henshaw that if he valued his unbiased journalistic credentials this is the sort of opposite view info he could have chosen to include i.e. in a free country free speech is a good thing. The Orwellian state that Henshaw’s piece encourages is truly frightening. Ask many 20th Century Russian, Latvian or Ukrainians for their thoughts on this.   

I look forward to the Directors of ITV addressing the imbalance and invite another biased documentary to be made. This time on the true support that exists on the streets of this Country for people like Anne Marie, Tommy Robinson, For Britain and UKIP.

I also look forward to clear evidence from the Police that their role in allowing free speech, allowing a citizen to sell his book in this country is a fundamentally important role that they recognise as their major contribution to keep us free and safe from fascists manipulation and rule.

Now where did I put that OFCOM complaint hotline telephone number …

Sincerely, Jeff Wyatt, Ex UKIP PPC Milton Keynes

[Ed: see also “ITV’s “Undercover – Inside Britain’s Far Right”. A Review.”]

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