UKIP members know what a concerted and sustained attack in the British media looks like, having been on the receiving end for the weeks before the elections to the EU Parliament.

That this attack was not very effective was shown in the election results.

One of the reasons was that people up and down the country saw with their own eyes that UKIP candidates, members and activists were not as depicted in the media on a daily basis.

What is very worrying is that we have been seeing and are seeing this same sort of unsubstantiated attack on Russia and especially Mr Putin. It is worrying because in the first place, these attacks are taking place not just in one or two countries, it is taking place literally across the EU and the USA. What is even more extraordinary is the fact that there seems to be no difference of opinion across the media, regardless of their political leanings. This is very familiar, we saw it during the EU election campaign.

What is even worse however is that our politicians seem to base their policies on these articles and comment pieces in the media which trumpet the same demands  – sanctions, be hard with Russia because Putin is bad. Thus the astonishing spectacle of leading EU politicians clamouring for sanctions and more sanctions against Russia, regardless of their detrimental effects on our own economy leads one to ask what are the actual aims of our politicians? Obeying the demands of the editors of the international media?

Naively, one would have thought that at least politicians, especially PMs, would have been briefed properly by the intelligence services, and that they would at least have asked for proper proof as to who really downed the tragic flight MH17, and would have based policies on facts, not conjecture coloured by unsubstantiated opinions.

Instead, we have the spectacle of 28 EU heads of state declaring unisono that Putin did it, regardless of evidence, and that Putin will be sanctioned unless he ‘do something’. Take the point they make about the borders between Russia and the Ukraine: on the one had, Russia is told to secure those borders, on the other Russia is accused of being aggressive because she has too many troops stationed there.

It seems that policies, not just local but international policies, are based on ‘feelings’ driven and prescribed by international media, with no one asking for actual proof, for time needed for the investigations taking place, for evidence put on the table by the USA. Our politicians are caught in a web of ‘we believe the USA because they say they are trustworthy’ and ’Russia lies, we don’t believe a thing they say, even if they are radar records, and don’t ever look at Russian media’. Facts? Facts are not needed for policies of ‘feelings’.

There is one tiny spark of hope that we might not be driven over the brink by this unholy alliance of international media and politicians: on the one hand, there are news trickling out that it might have been the actual Ukrainian Army, not the Russians or separatists, who have fired that BUK which downed MH17. Then there’s van Rumpoy’s clever ploy of having the ambassadors of the various EU member states decide on which sanctions ought to be implemented. Thus, if the evidence does show that Russia and Putin had nothing at all to do with the downing of MH17, van Rompuy can say it wasn’t them in Brussels who instituted those sanctions, and on the other hand he can tell the USA that the EU did what they could, but sadly there were these disobliging ambassadors ….

The question remains however: are our policies now made by editorial decisions, by international media editors? Are our intelligence services now incapable of properly briefing our PMs, and are our politicians now driven by the politics of feelings, by the politics of a toddler’s playground, rather than hard facts and evidence?

The 100-year anniversary of the outbreak of WWI is coming ever closer. Have our politicians not learned from that history, where feelings and misplaced alliances led to the catastrophe which didn’t end until May 1945?

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