Ed ~ This article continues from Part I which was published on Wednesday.

For access to the EU Internal market, the EU is “asking” for “contributions” to the EU budget to enable the UK to sell goods into that market.  To show its goodwill to the British people the EU should make a contribution to the UK economy for the financial damage that the EU’s freedom of movement has caused.   The EU answer will be “not a sous”.  It will probably be followed up by “you will not be allowed to trade in the single market”.

The EU ignores the fact that trade is two way. It even ignores the content of the various EU treaties when any aspect of the treaty does not suit the dogmatic views of the five presidents. Regarding EU law, the European Court of Justice should have no place in British law.  Another reason for the British Leave majority was for the British to be free of the ECJ.

I nearly forgot taxation.  Import duties are paid on most of the British imports from outside the EU; it would be interesting to know the value of these import duties and how much of that value is taken by the EU.

The tax benefits for non-British EU citizens are often sent back to various homelands; what is the estimated value of these benefits?  David Cameron asked the EU for permission to restrict these payments and the response was a dogmatic NO.  Another one of Mr Donald Tusk’s decisions that influenced the holding of the Leave/Remain referendum.

The present British Government should not betray the British people by accepting trade terms which mean the acceptance of what the majority of British voters voted against.  Uncontrolled migration from the EU should be rejected.  The ECJ should have no place in the British judicial systems, and finally, the UK should not pay to trade with the EU unless the EU pays to trade with the UK…these payments should be based on the value of sales.

The British government should realise that the UK is leaving the EU and that the UK will be a fully-independent country on par with, and not subservient to, the EU.  Wellington was not afraid of Napoleon and, with the help of Blucher, saw Napoleon leave the field of battle. The UK should not accept demands from the EU that the EU would not accept from the UK.  The only interest that the EU has in the UK is the money that the UK provides.

The demand that the British Government should accept the freedom of movement of people over any transitional period shows that the five EU presidents do not understand why the native English want to leave the EU.  The five presidents are not concerned that the cost of EU membership over the last 10 or more years to the UK has been a gradual reduction in living standards, a reduction in public services, and a reduction in the quality of life.

What was the root cause of these problems, the ‘out of touch’ European Union “Directive 2004/38/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29th April 2004”.  The insistence of the free movement of people.

When I first bought a house, I could not get a mortgage of more than three times the size of my salary.  Any person coming into the UK from the EU and demands a house should be refused if they will have left a house in the EU.   The inept British Government should not put the migrants in front of the native Briton regarding the provision of housing.  The EU caused the problem and it should provide the UK with the solution that the EU dogma has caused.  What present-day houses can be bought for under the three times salary rule?  No wonder the native Briton cannot become a house owner.  Non-inept British governments would have solutions to the problem.

When the UK leaves the EU without giving the EU any bribes, I would recommend giving Donald Tusk an honorary knighthood in recognition of his part in bringing about the Leave/Remain referendum.

The information about a German Europe was mentioned by several German soldiers in the audiobook “D-Day Through German Eyes”, ISBN 9781536617634.  The Republic of Ireland Prime Minister should be given a copy of the audiobook.

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