[Ed: This article is a view written by Indian-born women’s rights activist Dr Deeba Abedi who now lives in the USA. Please note that Dr Abedi consistently attacks sharia, not Muslims. Attacking a system of law is fair game, especially when the potentially controversial things Dr Abedi is saying about Sharia are there for all to see in countries that already live under Sharia law.]

When most people think of England, they tend to think about things like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the Beatles, or maybe even the ageless voice of Rob Halford. Images come to mind of flags that look like a bull’s eye (horrible for WW2 fighter pilots), of accents that sound jovial even when angered, but rarely the image of a public beating of a woman.

Also, while many are more likely to think of Peter Sellers than they are of some ancient act of punishment rooted in a failed interpretation of the Qur’an, that is exactly what is being seen in parts of England today. There are sections of Great Britain that are no-go areas even for the police. There are confirmed reports of sharia practitioners openly calling for sharia recognition and enforcement within the UK. Oddest of all is the fact that many of the people who are chanting for the enslavement of themselves are women, who would be treated as miserably as dogs if they actually got the sharia treatment they are calling for.

Radicalisation of the Islamic faith is one of the most explosive problems existing in the world today, and no place knows this better than the UK. The fact is that many Muslims are working rather tirelessly to make it a very “Un-united Kingdom” when it comes to Islamic customs that are being forced upon a population which, while tolerant, have no interest in honouring the precepts of the Islamic faith. Most people in the UK had no problem with the Muslim faith at all, many could not even fully tell what the Muslim faith was, until reports of the decade of sexual abuse of white girls in Rotherham and other towns were published in UK newspapers, and incidents like the mass New Year’s Eve gropings by immigrants from the ME in Cologne (Germany) took place in 2015.

This incident may actually be one of the reasons why the voters of England stood behind Nigel Farage and voted to leave the EU. The EU was possibly going to fail at the hands of the extreme socialist bent that was seen in a growing number of EU leaders, but it would never have happened as early as 2016 were it not for the radical Islamic onslaught, the cause of which was the immigration that was allowed by Angela Merkel since 2015. The voters in the UK clearly saw that this was going to become extremely problematical, and they wanted out.

The sad part of this is that this also has become a massive problem for those within the Muslim community that are peaceful and happy to get along with their British neighbours. Thankfully, more and more peaceful Muslims are speaking up because this is reflecting upon the teachings of Islam in a most dreadful way. Not only that, but Great Britain is less likely now than ever to help those who really may be fleeing unspeakable conditions from ISIS and similar countries.

When sharia takes over an area, it cannot be imagined by those who have not studied and/or lived through that misery to comprehend what it is like. By the time that most have woken up to just what it means, they are already deeply entangled in its snares. This is how Egypt went from one day worshiping their gods to being Islamic the next day. They had no choice except “convert or die”. This message needs to be heard in all of Great Britain!

Sharia law decimates the arts, culture, public discourse, women’s rights and freedom of religion. As a matter of fact, the very idea of there being a freedom within religion is a ground for death under the heavy hand of radical Islam. While many religions such as Christianity proclaim that their God is the only true God, they do not usually kill those who do not share their doctrine. Rather than allowing God to punish such a disbeliever as He sees fit in the afterlife, those who follow the grim path of radical Islam feel that Allah has called them to kill those who do not submit and conform to the radical system in the present.

Therefore, there is no talking with someone with such a view. There is no possibility to diminish the goal of such a person, which is to convert by force every man, woman, and child to Islam as they see it or to kill everyone who refuses. To this end, they believe that they may lie to the non-believer. This does not just mean to a person who is not of the Islamic faith, but also anyone who is not Islamic as they define it.

Those who cry for the introduction of sharia are often quick to blame the West for terror attacks because the West has so often meddled in affairs that did not concern them. While this is surely true, it does not explain why the Chinese are seeing the same kinds of violence. China has been nowhere on the battlefield of the West’s war on terror. Such a notion also does not explain the abuse that sharia has rained down on countless African nations. It is simply a tactic to pull at the heartstrings of Westerners in order to get a foot in the door.

If the UK does not soon awaken to this, then the British People will find that before long the beauty of their country will be gone. TV will be free from any news that does not have a sharia message attached, music will be forbidden except at times of prayer, dancing will be outlawed, women will be treated as chattel, and public beatings and executions will be normalized. Hands may be severed for stealing, and stoning for adultery.

If this sounds like a nightmare, that is because it is. It is with visceral hatred that violent sharia law comes into a land. Sometimes it poses as a friend. Other times it comes with a sword. There are times that it has come, as now, dressed in “acceptance and tolerance” in a “time of need” – only to strike like a viper at the hands of those who have accepted them inside. Once inside, sharia does not leave, and it kills those who attempt to vote it out in any way. Now is the time to wake up, people of Great Britain: you have been warned!

[Dr Deeba Abedi is an Indian-American born in Mumbai, India, to a Muslim family and raised in India and the United States. She has published numerous pieces regarding Muslim women’s rights, having experienced the atrocities as a Muslim woman first hand. She also writes on the Islamic radicalization that is currently a looming threat across the globe, which many countries are blind to.]

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