Shouts of the Takbir (‘Allahu Akbar’; god is great) accompanied the Parisian rampage and then the cowards cheated western justice by killing themselves. Many crimes but nobody to punish. The deranged murderers are now happily raping and otherwise sexually abusing the virgins which, in their warped philosophy, they earned in paradise as reward for their acts against the kaffirs. One has been named as a French citizen (an example of the enemy within) and another now looks likely to have travelled via Greece as a ‘refugee’ – exactly what Nigel Farage warned would happen.

Whatever the broader causes of this latest terrorist outrage, it is yet another symptom of a failed political experiment that has been played out in post-WW2 Europe and re-enforces the detachment and idealism of our political class which is dragging us ever nearer to the abyss of our own demise.  It has come about by an insidious, unspoken plot by politicians to progressively invert much of what the majority see, believe and take for granted as being normal, right and proper.   Today, our politicians impose on us that:

  • We are better off in the EU than out;
  • Islam is a religion of peace;
  • Multi-culturism is good; patriotism is bad;
  • Immigration benefits the economy;
  • Open borders are good;
  • Men can ‘marry’ men.

Those politicians must have studied and absorbed George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’. The government in that book says war is peace, hate is love, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength and two plus two is five.  The narrative portrays the organised, centralised and inexorable crushing of the human spirit exemplified by Winston Smith, the non-conformist protagonist who is eventually made to acknowledge, at an emotional level, what he instinctively knows is wrong at an intellectual level.  In the end, to stop the unrelenting tortuous assault on his body and mind, Smith finally concedes that two plus two do, indeed, equal five.  In so doing he consciously betrays reality and himself but there is only so much a lone man can endure.

Today there are many lone men and women who can see what’s wrong and are still in touch with reality but who feel powerless, perhaps even afraid, to act and unable to restore common sense to everyday life.  They are one reason why UKIP is needed now more than ever.  The party has waged an often lone campaign to keep common sense an active part of our politics.  It has pointed out the absurdities, inconsistencies and irregularities; kept a focus on the important issues; raised its voice over the mindless left-wing clamour; stood firm in the face of a sustained barrage of establishment vitriol and invective.

The Establishment feel that if they persist long enough they will surely succeed. Every time they force a change on us they need to enforce it with a law saying, should you speak out against it, that becomes an ‘–ism’ or a ‘–phobia’. You are then quickly condemned as this type of ‘–ist’ or that sort of ‘–phobic’.  Free speech has been trampled and those who perceive offence, real or imagined, either personally or on somebody else’s behalf, have no qualms about reporting the perceived injustice to a burgeoning victim industry (a kind of thought police) which is only too ready to pounce.  Learning from ‘1984’, our politicians spout Newspeak (euphemisms, denials, distortions and lies) and try to suppress Oldspeak (common sense, facts and honesty).  The Stalinist model of society is not far off.

The truth is this: Islam is incompatible with democracy, self-determination, gender equality, freedom of speech and the Western way of life. Islam is less a religion, more a disguised political movement and in some contexts a mental illness. Islam, with its multiple absurd inhibitions, needs to be confined to Muslim countries. Either by stealth (through immigration and breeding) or outright confrontation, Islam means to defeat us in the West – this is what its adherents are taught to believe virtually from birth. Islam is a real threat and excusing it, appeasing it and lying about it simply will no longer work. We have a perfect right to recognise and oppose something that endangers us. That is not an offence, it is the right thing to do.

The truth is this: many of the problems found in the Middle East and Africa are of their own making. Religion, corruption, incompetence, ignorance, inter-tribal conflict, primitive customs and traditions all play their part. These are endemic and have defied the colonial, post-colonial and modern era. Those people must accept responsibility for themselves and sort out their own problems. Much of what is happening could and should be sorted out by the oil and cash rich Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, etc. What is so glaringly obvious, but deliberately under-reported, is how they are cynically taking no part. Instead, they watch quietly from the side-lines as the Muslim armies of occupation make their stupidly invited advance into the infidels’ homeland.

The truth is this: the money agreed in Malta by guilt-ridden EU leaders and gilt-hungry African leaders will not achieve the desired results because it will be given to recipients, not administered by the donors to ensure it is not wasted. That would be seen as neo-colonialism.

The time was when;

  • Rights also carried responsibilities;
  • Teachers were in control of classrooms;
  • Public service was an esteemed occupation carried out by dutiful employees;
  • Only men and women married each other;
  • Immigrants learned the language of, and were assimilated within, the culture, laws and practices of their newly-chosen country;
  • The UK was deemed to be a Christian country;
  • The majority view held sway in a democracy;
  • The law existed to protect victims and to rehabilitate as well as punish offenders;
  • The law applied to everyone and the cultural habits of others were not exempted;
  • Free speech was the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy.

The Establishment now finds itself in a mire of its own making but there are none so blind as those who will not see. Their defects threaten to take us down with them and only UKIP has the courage, strength and will to save this country from the doom many of us can see coming.

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