Members of Veritas, both past and present, are being urged to join the English Democrats Party.

As a member of UKIP, Robert Kilroy-Silk was elected to the European Parliament in the 2004 European elections for the East Midlands region.  A year later he made it clear that he wanted to be UKIP party leader but after a spat with the party hierarchy early in 2005, he quit the party, launching Veritas just a few days later.  In the 2005 General Election, Veritas did not win a single seat; Kilroy-Silk was the party’s only candidate to save his deposit.

In July 2005, Kilroy-Silk quit as party leader claiming it would be ‘virtually impossible’ for a new party to ‘make a significant impact given the nature of our electoral system’ (got that wrong, didnt he?).  He was succeeded by Patrick Eston until the middle of 2008 at which time Therese Muchewicz took over.  Since then he has languished at his Spanish 10-bedroomed villa which, it is understood, is now up for sale at a price believed to be in the region of €12 million.

Veritas did not stand any candidates in the General Elections of 2010 or 2015.

The party website has not been updated for several months and refers all visitors to the Facebook page, which also hasn’t been updated for several months.

Members are now being invited to a joint Veritas/English Democrats Party conference on September 18 and 19 at which one of the resolutions will be for the two parties to merge.  Therese Muchewicz, now known as Therese Hirst, is to be proposed as deputy chairman.

The English Democrats website quotes Hirst as saying: “I am delighted to announce my joining the English Democrats and happy to be welcomed onto the National Council and as Deputy Chairman. I think the time has come for everyone concerned about England’s future to join together to make the English Democrats a stronger voice for England!”

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