Henry Bolton made a claim at 24:50 on this video that “Gerard has been taking the point with dealing with veterans groups because I asked him to”.

Henry is clearly confused. This is not a truthful account of our interactions with UKIP. The reality is that the initiative to get the veterans group engaged with UKIP came from Cliff Dixon and Gerard Batten. They contacted us in October 2017, and we started discussions. Then, after they read our mission statement on our website, we also realized we would need a political direction and were reaching out to UKIP through other avenues.

Henry Bolton did not initiate that contact and became only involved in talks when we met Gerard for the second time in January 2018.

A disinterested Bolton met us for 10 – 20 minutes before leaving for a weekend on the Yorkshire coast. We discussed our plans with Gerard for several hours and then went for a pint. I repeat: this initiative was not instigated by Bolton, but by Cliff Dixon and Gerard Batten.

The leadership team of veterans against terrorism and Gerard Batten have been in talks for several months with an eye towards forming a political alliance of working people. This working class political movement could find a home in UKIP. The veterans feel the working class people of the UK have been let down and disenfranchised by the current political system. The Labour Party in its obsession with identity politics and PC messaging has let us the working people of the UK down. The hard working people of Britain who are the backbone of this country have been ignored, neglected and rejected by the political elite, the mainstream media and the left who should be our champions. They have demonized and mocked us for years and grown fat of our backs.

We need a new direction and one of us to lead us. We believe Gerard is that man! He is from the East End of London and he still lives in the East End of London, he worked for BT for 25 years until he began his political career being elected as an MEP for London in 2004.

One retired soldier said “We are the working class because we work and we have class! We need people with the same mindset to lead the charge! We will encourage the 16000 veterans in our group to join UKIP en mass in the event that Gerard Batten, the party’s MEP for London, becomes interim leader.”

However, their 16,000-strong group would not be prepared to join UKIP under Mr Bolton’s leadership because they feel that he is en route to destroy the party.

They also have members from diverse ethnic backgrounds who are deeply offended by Mr Boltons Racist ‘femme fatale’. One veteran of the police and army who met Bolton in London during talks with the UKIP leadership and the veterans highlighted the hypocrisy of the UKIP leader when he stated “As a black man Bolton shook my hand and grinned, knowing full well his girlfriends shocking racist opinions, this is hypocrisy of the highest order in my view, I was disgusted a few days later when I saw Bolton act as an apologist for his racist girlfriend on national TV, as a black man I could not join a party led by him!”

Gerard Batten stated in a previous interview:

“I was impressed by the large scale demonstration the Veterans organised a couple of months ago. It expressed genuine patriotism and concern. Just before the UKIP leadership crisis I met with some the movement’s representatives. We all agreed that in order for veterans to achieve anything they have to become politically active, or they will be ignored by the political establishment. They had two choices, form a new party or join an existing one; but I said it is easier and likely to be more effective joining with UKIP.

UKIP has always supported our armed forces, police, prison service, and all in public service. I am very pleased that following our meeting they decided to voice their support for UKIP. UKIP has to transform itself into a mass movement in order to have influence. To do that we have to give a voice to the vast numbers of ordinary patriotic and traditionalist voters who are not represented by the old parties.”

In a recent statement, the group said:

“We took the decision last Saturday to support UKIP and more specifically support Gerard Batten if he becomes interim leader of UKIP. His policies reflect the silent majority in this county. The forgotten people who pay their taxes love their country and are indeed the backbone of the UK. These are the muted and belittled voices of the UK. These are our voices and we believe a revived and reformed UKIP under the leadership of Batten is the best way to have our voices heard. This would obviously mean our support for UKIP is dependent on Henry Bolton either resigning or being forced to stand down as leader at or before the soon-to-be-held EGM of UKIP. We are not all members of UKIP yet, but we realize the damage Henry Bolton’s term as leader has done to the party; from an outside observer’s point of view, it looks like Bolton will destroy the party if he stays in place.

The Veterans are only one part of a far bigger movement. We believe we could mobilize over 1 Million people to save our country from catastrophe and UKIP has a key role to play in all this, if Bolton goes we have a chance of mobilizing the masses behind a new UKIP led by Batten.

If Bolton stays the Veterans will not engage and look elsewhere for their political leadership.



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