Why now …?

Why am I going to take a brief look across the Big Pond now, at this moment, when we all have our work cut out here, in the last weeks before May 7th?

Because US politics affect us over here as well, and there’s one other important aspect which we must take into account: the MSM, which are setting agendas regardless of whether we like it or not, which determine what we talk about and what we actually are being allowed to know.

Next year, the USA will elect a new president. The campaigns are drawn out because people do have a say as to who will be the candidate of the two big parties, the Democrats and the Republicans.

Just as over here, there is an ever growing number of conservative Americans who are fed up with the official politics of the Republican Party, with the shenanigans, the lies, the manipulations.

Just as over here, most American MSM are leaning very much to the left, and are fervent supporters of the Democrat Party. In tune with this ‘progressivism’ is their growing support, regardless of her past record, of Hillary Clinton, because she is not only a bona fide socialist, she would also become the first woman President – a prize the Democrats, the Washington establishment and MSM would love to get, after having scored a ‘win’ with getting the first black President elected.

For them, it is all about proof that they are not racists and are fervent feminists. Politics, manifestos? Not really needed, as far as they are concerned.

But now the first truly heavy-weight Republican contender has declared he is running. You won’t have heard of him until now, or what little you have heard has come from our MSM who have copied the US MSM in their scathing and heavily biased reporting.

You may also not be aware of the deep rift between true conservatives inside and outside the Republican party and those which are, like our own Tories, wishy-washy and hardly distinguishable from the socialists, Labour over here, Democrats over there. They are called RINOs – Republicans In Name Only.

You probably have heard about the TEA party, which is not an actual party but a grassroot conservative movement, the acronym standing for ‘Taxed Enough Already’ – a sentiment we certainly share.

For the International Left, that sort of conservatism is of course deeply abhorrent, and thus barrels of slime and smears have been poured over anything and anybody remotely conservative.

Does that start to sound familiar? I hope it does, because what we have put up with since last year, in the run up to the EU elections and especially now in the run up to May 7th, is starting across the Big Pond in regard to this candidate, and is gleefully picked up by our own MSM.

If you’ve been reading until now, you will hopefully be dead keen now to hear who that heavy weight candidate is!

Well, this candidate is the junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. He was Attorney General for the State of Texas for many years – this is an elected position. He only represented the State of Texas nine times before the US Supreme Court, which is only the highest Court in the USA, with the top legal minds being the judges. Ted Cruz won these cases.

The equally stellar Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz – a lefty, if you wish – has said that Ted Cruz was by far the most brilliant student it was his privilege to teach in forty years.

And here is another heavy-weight legal mind, who knows a thing or two about the US Constitution, Mark Levin .

I urge you to listen to what he has to say in this clip, because it applies to us here as well.

Let me close with asking you this question: since we reject and do not believe the filth our MSM write about Nigel Farage and UKIP, why should we believe a word of the smears our MSM, copying from the US MSM, are pouring out over someone like Ted Cruz – a man whose fundamental attitude to politics is as close tour ours in UKIP as one possible can get, given that we’re separated by the Big Pond?

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