The last few days have seen some extraordinary news: the Rotherham Scandal, followed by the Carswell bombshell, and finally the news from Cameron that we in this country are now facing an increased threat from ISIS.

So what do the people on the Clapham Omnibus think? Or rather, what do the virtual Clapham Omnibus passengers think?

Looking backwards, old cynics that they are, the opinion was that Cameron was warning about this threat because he wanted to grab the headlines and draw attention away from the other two news bombshells. Questions were asked if this threat hadn’t been present ever since the various internet videos had become public, of beheadings and of British ISIS jihadis – and if not, why not?

Furthermore, given the NATO Summit in Wales next week, are the various security forces so feeble they cannot cope with this threat? Do we really need new laws encroaching upon our civil liberties, as Cameron hinted? Why not use those already on the statute book?

Looking a bit further back: the resignation of Douglas Carswell and his joining UKIP brought mostly unadulterated joy. Many have known Mr Carswell from his posts in the DT, and opinions are that he has now found his true home – only, he should’ve done that sooner.

The case of Mr Lord, the PPC selected for the General Election for Mr Carswell’s constituency, has raised some eyebrows. Yes, that could’ve been handled better, but then, aren’t we saying ‘country before party’, and thus implicitly ‘party before personal desires’? Sadly, the MSM are having a field day with this, to the disgruntlement of the Clapham Omnibus passengers.

And then there is the Rotherham Scandal. This will not be forgotten, not by UKIP and not by a huge number of Labour voters. People were shocked, frankly, that these crimes were allowed to go on and on for well over a decade. Some say that this is the outcome of Labour politics, so that ‘racism’, ‘community cohesion’ and ‘diversity’ trumped the fate of the young victims.

Thanks to the indomitable UKIP ladies Ms Jane Collins and Ms Suzanne Evans, people are certain this will not be forgotten and will be presented to Labour and their voters at every possible opportunity. And, now, the Mayor of Milton Keynes has resigned because he gave a taxi licence to someone who’d been imprisoned for rape, as reported yesterday here.

It would be great if all UKIP councillors were to investigate the practice of taxi licensing in their constituencies. The Clapham Omnibus passengers believe that Rotherham is only the tip of the iceberg.

Now – let’s talk about the weather, which will be nice and sunny!

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