Ed: Here’s a ‘kick-[four letter word deleted] letter from our contributor and reader Russell Hicks whom many of you know. We heard that Russell Hicks has been directly attacking local politicians in Surrey and he’s had a good response, not just from independent Councillors but also some Tories.  Perhaps it might inspire you to have a go at your own local councillors and – again – your constituency MPs – read on: [bold, italics]



Dear Politicians,

Many people have now heard about youths crashing into shops in Oxted and taking whatever they want with threats of violence. One such incident was reported (below) on facebook.

This is the tip of the iceberg, yobbery is happening all over Surrey, indeed all over the country.

We all know that those who are primarily responsible are our spineless, useless ‘New Conservative’ government – in power but incompetent – an 80 seat majority but in large swathes of once beautiful England, even Surrey, yobs rule. Open any newspaper on any day, it is unrelenting and sickening.

We also know that as YOU are our elected politicians it is time that YOU did something about it.

I think Laurence Fox was the first to coin the phrase, ‘police our streets, not Tweets’. That chimed after I sat and listened TWICE in Public Meetings to our TWO police chiefs boasting about ‘solving’ hate crime incidents on Nick Clegg’s heavily censored facebook. (I’m assuming you’re all aware what Clegg has been up to?) I’m happy to talk about how these meetings are manipulated if you’re interested. Both events demonstrated perfectly how millions are wasted on pointless PCCs. Obviously, every penny of that money should be spent on real policing, not self-congratulatory propaganda and massaged numbers.

I don’t know which is more worrying, New Tory manipulation of opinion – or the feral behaviour of youths. Both need to stop fast.

There is also another layer of facebook censorship as local facebook admins turn off commenting on posts if people start blaming the Tories; how very North Korea.

It will be interesting to hear the exciting new police policy that Cameron McIntosh has been telling people about on facebook. I suspect it will be more window dressing.

Here are just a few examples of the Tories losing control in Britain, it’s never ending…

Incidentally, I use the term ‘New Tory’ because I was a Tory activist for many years when the party was properly Conservative, the one that brought down Communism and ended the Cold War, not the Blairite, property-developer-funded party it has become.

The Surrey Mirror says 85% of Surrey crime goes unsolved, nationally it’s even worse: www.bbc.co.uk/news/crimes-solved-lowest-on-record

To our new independent politicians: clearly, the Tories are useless, so what are your solutions to Surrey’s ugly crime record? More fudge or some real changes?

Some of you may have heard the following story on knife crime, told to me by a Scottish policeman many years ago. I’ll keep repeating it every time we see depressing knife news in Surrey…

Glasgow had a horrendous problem with knife and razor crime in the 1950’s, things were getting worse and worse until Lord Carmont was sent to put an end to it. He announced swift custodial sentences just for carrying a knife and long terms if a blade had been used. He delivered. The policy was stunningly effective, amnesty bins filled up with knives at Glasgow Police Stations (who remembers what a Police Station is?) Knife crime stopped within weeks.

In recent years, every wishy washy politician has wittered, whined and writhed about solutions and ‘initiatives’. None of it has worked and the death toll has just kept rising. There are ten times more appalling injuries, deliberately inflicted and massive costs to emergency services, with medical staff disgusted at the violence.

So, are you going to be ‘in power’ but just ‘incompetent’? How about some real changes? Police say crime will take off again as lockdown ends, the last year has been relatively peaceful!

And I wonder how many of you will first think ‘how can we silence Russell Hicks’ rather than roll your sleeves up and do something about yobbery and violent crime?

Dealing with violent crime is a tough subject but as NONE of you can even fill a pothole properly, I’m not very hopeful of any solutions.



Russell Hicks 


* Sent to all Tandridge District Councillors, some Surrey County Councillors and Claire Coutinho MP. 

** Here’s the Oxted Facebook post, if this isn’t stamped out, someone will get killed and YOU are the people elected to stop this…


Sad to say that I popped to the Oxted co operative this evening and found the doors locked. Not a malfunction as I first assumed, but a measure being taken by the staff to protect themselves from threatening behaviour and abuse.The youths that have been causing a menace in the evening seemed to have gone one step further, taking whatever they like and making horrific threats when staff confront them. Then smashing up whatever gets in their way afterwards. And after a chat with the manager, it seems all the shops that stay open into the evening are suffering. The co op alone have reported 50 crimes in the last few months and none have been properly investigated. What is happening here? Where is the enforcement? Who do we need to hassle and what needs to be done to make the people working at these places feel safe enough to leave the automatic doors left on? It’s saddening to think that so little is being done to combat this issue in our beloved town.

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