Since the results of the Scottish referendum, all parties have been under increasing pressure to take action on the issue of equal representation of the United Kingdom member nations.

During the last few days we have seen

Nigel Farage writing to all of Scotland’s MPs.

David Cameron calling for a vote on English rule.

And Ed Miliband flat out refusing to do anything.

UKIP is asking you to help get Ed and Labour’s MPs moving in the right and fair direction.

Please take a moment to read through this petition: A Voice for England.

It asks for:

  1. English only votes in Westminster. We’re asking Scottish MPs for their commitment to not vote on English matters that would otherwise fall within devolved powers if they related to Scotland.
  2. Revision of the Barnett Formula. We want a full debate and vote in the House of Commons to rebalance this arbitrary and out-of-date concept.
  3. No taxation without equal representation. The Electoral Commission must determine new boundaries for the constituencies of Scottish MPs so that the average number of constituents more closely resembles that in England.
  4. A Constitutional Convention. Such a Convention needs to be rapidly established to put in place a plan for a Federal UK.

Since it’s release yesterday, the petition has collected more than 4,400 signatures… The target is 10,000.

Please help make a fairer nation and sign today.

Thank you.

Photo by vgm8383

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