If you are like me, it is just too awful to examine all the daily entrails underlying the shenanigans over Brexit. It has been causing all manner of grotesque chancers to emerge from the woodwork and claim their place in the ‘Wrecking Crew’ whose purpose is to derail the entire process. Even Mr Blair had to poke his unwanted, unloved, haunted weasel face into the proceedings but, thankfully, he sank like a stone.

To witness the hand of the sinister Globalist Elite at work, look no further than the Dutch and French presidential elections about to take place.

Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands Party for Freedom (PVV), was convicted in December 2016 under discrimination legislation. Though found guilty, no sentence was imposed. His crime? Back in 2014, he asked his party members how they felt about the extent of Moroccan migrants in their country. They shouted back: ‘Fewer!’ He responded with ‘We will take care of that!’

The judges opined that his words ‘incited discrimination’ against Moroccans. But Moroccans are not a race. They are the people of a country. That is a mistake which a first year student of PPE could spot – these are supposedly experienced judges! The appeal should be interesting…

The important thing to note is the timing of this conviction, three months before the elections scheduled for 15 March – in just 6 days time.

Now across to France:

There are just two candidates of the Right: François Fillon of Les Républicains and Marine Le Pen of the Front National.

On Friday, 24th February, just in time for the weekend press (JITFTWP) and just as the campaign was reaching crescendo stage, Fillon became the subject of a formal investigation, over charges of embezzlement, which allegedly go back some time. So again, why at this time?

Last Thursday, 2nd March, JITFTWP, the EU Parliament Committee voted to lift Marine Le Pen’s immunity from prosecution (as an MEP) for a Tweet which exposed the truth about US journalist James Foley’s beheading by ISIS. Violent images were used? One might ask Wasn’t the violence done to Foley by decapitating him? Murder appears quite acceptable by contrast. Again, these images were tweeted way back in 2015! Yet again, why now?

Potentially, this lifting means Le Pen may face jail. Naturally any prima facie impropriety from any politician, from any party, needs to be investigated and pursued. But these actions appear to be part of a concerted attempt to completely disenfranchise the majority of the French voting public. Two French presidential candidates under investigation is unprecedented and one must suspect trumped-up charges here. Even the Cutty Sark does not have as much rigging!

What we are witnessing is a coordinated attempt at political interference by supposedly impartial bodies, all conducted in plain sight but within a hidden agenda. It stinks to high heaven. When we look across the Atlantic to the United States, we find that, in the wake of a Trump victory, the entire MSM is attempting to derail the legitimately elected President. He is seen to give encouragement to the right in Europe so must be stopped.

It is nothing to do with the Russians nor the CIA. It is the ever greedy Globalist Elite: politicians from both right and left; multinationals; the EU Mafia; banks; lawyers; Google; Apple; Soros, in fact every body of influence except the Royal College of Needlework. Put another way, all the people one might find at Davos – anyone who might lose from their not-so-little club being broken with the resulting discovery of putrefied, festering rot teeming with maggots.

The Globalist Elite are rather like ISIS, those folk who don’t carry membership cards (unlike the dwindling Labour Party). If you can shoot an AK47 or don a suicide vest, you are in. The Globalist Elite don’t have a single command and control structure either but they all know who the others are. They all speak with the same voice. In place of AK47s, they have words like ‘racist’ and ‘populist’ – thought terminating clichés! They all feed off the state, either directly or via supportive legislation. With the banks, it is QE and near zero interest rates coupled with taxpayers’ guarantee of their liabilities.

One important revelation during the week was the media reports that Kellyanne Conway, presidential advisor, had put her feet on the Oval Office sofas! What a disgrace! The same MSM had failed to report that the actual meeting was with presidents from the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Of course, that would not have fitted the narrative that sought to entangle Trump with white supremacists.

But Trump sets the trap and in they walk like lambs! With his tweets, Trump is playing the media like a fiddle. Currently, we have no leader in Britain or Europe who can play at this advanced level. But we do have some smart people who can learn from him how to deal with an overwhelmingly hostile media and bureaucracy.

For now, the political impetus is coming from the US. Watch out next week though. From Wilderness to Wilders!


Photo by theglobalpanorama

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