To those who believe in UKIP but are likely to vote tactically, to stop an unwanted party gaining power, I say you will always regret it.

If you choose to vote tactically rather than what you believe in, and others do so too, your preferred party will never succeed. Do you really want to continue to deny your preferred party your support?

I know that even Nigel is now saying that if your UKIP candidate has no chance of winning then vote Conservative. I think that is outrageous! Your UKIP candidate will likely have undergone a very rigorous assessment process, possibly hundreds of miles from his/her home, then undergone one or more demanding hustings to become the chosen PPC in your constituency.

Since then that candidate will have worried, been to meetings, talked to his/her constituency party about leaflets, been heavily involved in fund raising. Gone to public meetings, done leafleting and probably door knocking as well. The candidate will have invested an enormous amount of time and maybe a lot of money too. Will have sacrificed all free time and undergone stress of hostile and tiring campaigning. And now you won’t vote UKIP!

Every vote for UKIP should be due to belief in our policies or as a ‘none of the establishment’ protest. Every vote for UKIP is a number recorded for posterity in the support it received in your constituency in 2015. That is the starting point for the campaign for the next general election, whether later this year or in 2020.

Even if your vote doesn’t get a UKIP candidate elected it will form part of the total vote UKIP received nationally and that is politically a very important statistic. Putting your cross elsewhere diminishes the party. Think well on it.



Photo by srqpix

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