These days the ruling Establishment is trying, to the best ability of its Spin Masters and fellow travellers, to claim that a vote for UKIP is wasted, racist, will help another party or just nasty. There are also those who wilfully misrepresent UKIP out of ignorance, prejudice, delusion, malice and/or self-interest.

So to put the record straight, here are some one-liners. Other parties may steal UKIP policies, but they cannot copy UKIP’s grass roots centred ethos or dedication of members to bring the change our country so desperately needs.


….about us, the People, our freedom, our democracy, our country

A vote for UKIP is… for:

…YOU; everything we say, everything we do, UKIP begins with YOU

…being heard; your wishes, hopes and fears

…putting people, our interests and our country, first

…good, honest hard-working people

…compassion and humanity; government that understands

…liberty, democracy, social justice and prosperity

…government of the People, by the People, for the People

…change; a new political relationship founded on compassion, honesty, integrity and mutual respect

Policies for the People; common sense policies from people who care

…competent, prudent, responsible government pursuing the common good and low tax

…dealing with big problems NOW (and not making them worse)

…people centred choices; local issues decided locally, and referenda for major decisions

…social mobility; opportunities for everyone from our own efforts

…the rule of just, equitable British law

…safeguarding our heritage, traditional freedoms, things we hold dear and country

…defending and protecting us against harm, especially the most vulnerable in society

…helping small enterprises build a prosperous future for everyone

A vote for UKIP is… against:

….an out of touch, privileged, arrogant ruling Establishment ruining our lives

… rule and abuse by crony corporatism, oligarchy, tyranny and unelected Eurocrats

…government of the politicians, by the politicians, for the politicians;

…ignoring the wishes, hopes and fears of the people

… managing our decline as a free people with our own identity

…deceit, spin, false ‘promises’ and manipulation of us, the people

…big taxing, borrowing and spending government and the EU

…more of the same; incompetence, insensitivity, injustice and insincerity

…harmful Political Correctness and other ideologies:

  • ruining lives as in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Stafford et al
  • protecting criminals, miscreants and others who would harm us
  • opening up borders to uncontrolled mass immigration
  • forcing people into fuel poverty and hypothermia
  • denying people protection, dignity and self-respect

…irresponsible behaviour by politicians, individuals and organisations

…politicians putting party, promotion and personal power first

…red tape, stifling bureaucracy and jobs-worth filled quangos

…‘kicking the can down the road’ on big issues:

  • government waste and debt
  • inadequate pensions
  • poor competitiveness
  • social exclusion

… politicians’ costly, ill-conceived vanity projects

…omnishambles by Dave (and Nick), or Ed (and Nick), and sycophantic co.

In a UKIP nutshell:


to defend our common heritage, liberty, and country.

… a prosperous, free, democratic and peaceful country for all people governed by the people and a beacon of hope to everyone.

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