For over a decade, UKIP’s opponents have said that ‘a vote for UKIP is a wasted vote’. This time, opinion polls show that UKIP could not only take seats but win this year’s European elections. If you vote UKIP tomorrow, there’s a realistic chance that UKIP can win.

Labour has always suggested that a vote for UKIP could let the Conservatives in; Conservatives have always suggested that a vote for UKIP could let Labour in. This time, it’s clear to everyone: a vote for UKIP will let UKIP in. You could argue that a Conservative vote is a ‘wasted vote’ this time, as it’s only UKIP who could potentially beat Labour across the country.

From South Shields to Eastleigh, from Rotherham to Middlesbrough, we’ve proved that UKIP can be the main challengers in Parliamentary seats. Tomorrow, it’s time for us to aim to go one better. Can we be the first so-called ‘minor party’ to ever win a national set of elections?

Nigel Farage says that we can create a ‘political earthquake’ tomorrow. That will only happen with your support. Tomorrow, remember: Vote UKIP, Get UKIP.



Reason #2 – It’s just not democracy

Tomorrow – Please vote UKIP!

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