I hope the stayers like Sajed Javid who is backing Cameron el al realise that by supporting the UK staying in the EU they are also agreeing to bind our Parliament to laws made in the European Parliament, where those laws which cannot be rejected, amended or repealed by any national parliament while we are still in the European Union.  These laws were proposed by the European Commission (unelected EU government), where our ‘influence’ is just 3%; and that 3% diminishes each time a new member joins.  Members of the commission have to take an oath of allegiance only to the European Union.

They are also voting in favour of Transatlantic Trade Investor Partnership (TTIP), in favour of the UK handing economic, budgetary and monitory controls to the EU, eventually giving up the pound and adopting the euro, in favour of the EU making all our trade deals regardless of whether they’re against our interests. They are also in favour of the EU representing the UK (and all the other 27 member states) on our behalf for foreign affairs; they are in favour of an EU army, navy and air force to eventually replace all national armies, and in favour of EU border guards and patrols.

They are in favour of our supreme court, which takes sides with the EU on any dispute, staying in Luxembourg.

Also living there are:
voting for an EU wide police force;
an EU justice system;
throwing away centuries of superior British legal history that gave us juries, the assumption of liberty, freedom and innocence, free speech, fair trials, prima facie, Habeas Corpus, the rule of law and all those that make them are accountable under the law, Magna Carta and Common Law;
voting for the UK to end as a country and being a province of Brussels;
voting to end parliamentary democracy and to keep a dictatorship in Brussels;
voting to keep the borders open to half a billion EU nationals and most of the world’s economic migrants who happen to land on EU soil and are invited in by any of the other member states, like Chancellor Angela Merkel did recently from Germany;
voting for arbitrary EU taxes and fines without any representation;
voting for the EU to continue to control, plunder  and empty our fishing waters; voting for EU policy and laws regardless of who you elect into No.10 Downing Street; voting to subvert our own 1000+ years old constitution;
voting for our government to keep spending £55 million every day on an entirely superfluous layer of EU bureaucracy and the resulting higher taxes that come out of your pocket to pay for EU bureaucrats, their staff, EU civil servants and other hangers on and their extravagant lifestyles, salaries,  pensions and buildings, just so that Westminster politicians can have an easier life at your additional expense;
voting for whatever policies, regulations and laws the unelected unaccountable EU Commission decides to introduce without having any say in their formulation whatsoever.

If you are happy to vote to stay in the European Union, that’s your own decision, your privileged right to do so, and for your own conscience to feel it’s the right thing to do. Just so long as you know there will likely be only one chance to vote, on June 23rd, and if you vote to stay you will be ratifying, authenticating and validating all that has been done by previous and present day deceitful LibLabCon politicians from Ted Heath to John Major to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to Cameron by stealth.  Decisions will be made without the consent of anyone, including yourself, and everything else they will do as they collaborate further with the EU in your name in the future in their ambitious political quest to ‘reform’ the EU into the United States of Europe.

But isn’t it part of your duty and responsibility as an individual and family member to pass your inheritance on to your children, and part of that inheritance is the country you live in and the culture that surrounds you and makes up your society? It is something to treasure, behold, celebrate, nurture and develop in the hope your children and family will benefit and help improve their lives. How is giving your country away to foreign bureaucrats going to help your children and your children’s children, when any democracy is taken away, our borders are kept open to half a billion foreign nationals to assimilate, homogenise and blend it with 27 other existing member states and then later others who will join like Turkey, Albania, Middle Eastern and North African countries?

Something to think about, isn’t it? You’re not just voting for staying or the status quo.

You may have guessed it, on June 23rd I will be voting for the UK to leave the European Union.  I will be voting to take back what was stolen, like our fishing grounds, voting to re-join the world as a sovereign independent country retaking our rightful seat in the World Trade Organisation and all the other international regulatory bodies.  I will be voting for our country to make its own decisions of state, voting to restore some border controls to sensible levels of immigration, voting for parliamentary democracy, free to legislate without foreign interference or foreign jurisdictions, voting to make, repeal and amend all our own laws, elect MPs who will follow policy they stated in their glossy manifestos, trade with the world, trade with our European neighbours as friends, but above all else voting not to be run by the European Union? And I will continue voting to leave until Britain is outside the EU.

Then on May 7th 2020 I’ll be voting for a person and government who believes we should be sovereign and independent … a UKIP candidate.  To help form a UKIP government is a good and proud place to put my cross and in my constituency of Dartford that candidate is Elizabeth Jones, who has a powerful voice of strong character and opinions and who was recently elected to the National Executive Committee (well done!).  A rising star not on someone else’s flag and a good all round package, I think.

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