This is Part II, you can read Part I here.

What if the Labour Party itself was targeted? During the 2001 Bradford Riots, Muslim rioters attacked and burnt down the Manningham Labour Club. It was rumoured that part of the motivation was that their preferred parliamentary candidate had not been not been selected by the party. They deliberately blocked the exits with cars in the hope that people would burn to death inside. The BBC reported that two of those trapped inside say they feel no bitterness towards the arsonists.

What if it was the daughter of one of the senior political class who was raped or murdered? Wouldn’t that change things? In October 2016 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger, daughter of senior EU official Dr Clemens Ladenburger was raped and killed on Germany by an Afghan asylum seeker. No policy change has followed.

What if the number of terrorist attacks increased to the point that every single day there would be reports of more violence on the news and every few weeks there was another major murderous attack on the British mainland? We’ve been here before. This was the case with IRA terrorism when I was growing up in the 1970s & 1980s. Did the British government decisively flush out known terrorists and shut down their sources of support? Did they consider it might be time to end the partition of Ireland and that it was never a great solution in the first place? No. They put young soldiers in there to get killed and maimed trying to keep a non-existent peace while allowing masked IRA gunmen to openly fire guns at funerals and let the situation grind on for 30 years. In end they agreed a ‘peace’ which set the killers free and lauded those who had organised the murderous campaigns as peacemakers. Jeremy Corbyn and his hard left buddies sympathised with IRA throughout.

And who could take seriously outlandish claims that in a few short decades, Britain might be a majority Muslim country and our children and grandchildren might be subject to sharia law? I remember some of the first Asians moving into the area where I grew up in the early 1970s. At the time those who feared that whites would one day be in a minority were condemned and ridiculed. 64% of Harrow’s population are now BME (Black and Minority Ethnic). I took a nostalgic walk around Rayners Lane recently. A white face is a rarity.

A couple of years ago I was reading an article about cults, which discussed the situation in which a core cult teaching proved to be demonstrably false, such as the death of a leader who claimed immortality or the failure of the world to end on the date prophesised by the leader. One would expect the followers to realise the cult’s teachings were false and abandon it. In fact the opposite happens. The cult members are driven to go out and proselytise the teachings with new energy, to shore up their crumbling worldview.

The truth is that the left have already had all the wake-up calls and are stubbornly carrying on like those cult followers, unable to bear entertaining the thought that they might have got it wrong. That would be a threat to the fictional world they have created in their collective imagination. It’s a threat to ‘the Dream’ as I call it – that their ideology really can deliver a perfect world like some naff ‘60s pop song. Most of all they couldn’t bear to concede that those people they have hated and demonised with such passion for so long and labelled with so many pejoratives for the crime of criticising their ideology might be reasonable intelligent human beings who got it right.

The powers that be for their part have no political will to challenge leftist ideology and are desperate to prevent the situation degenerating into Northern Ireland-style strife. It wouldn’t take much to divide some towns in Northern England along those lines. The police know that, if they upset the Muslim community, the result will be civil unrest. Conversely they know the indigenous population will for the most part roll over and take it.

As for the foreign policy which kills Arab civilians, creates failed states where extremists can flourish and provides an effective recruitment tool for them, there’s no prospect of Western governments saying “no” to the military industrial complex – and when there are $350 billion Saudi arms deals in the offing, don’t expect governments to say no to Saudi-funded mosques or ask difficult questions about their funding of extremism. Indeed, extremists can be useful in doing our dirty work fighting regimes we want to change.

There is hope though. Although so many are locked into the liberal/mainstream media narrative, more and more people are becoming concerned about the failure to tackle Islamic extremism and intolerance in our midst. While UKIP may not appear to be picking up many additional votes in this campaign for courageously saying the unsayable, remember it took us many years to build the campaign to leave the EU. If politicians sense a growing political force that could take votes and seats from them, as with Brexit, they could be pressured to change. Sadly I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

But, to borrow a line from Flavor Flav, “You can’t stop reality from being real.”


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