I would stress that this is a personal view, but I believe Scotland should not be part of the UK.

In the referendum, Scotland showed where her loyalty lies, and that is not with the UK. To be more precise, it showed where the loyalty of the majority of its electorate lies, but the point stands. Scotland has said it can and will delay or even veto Brexit, and if the price of Britain leaving the EU is Scotland leaving the UK then so be it.

Every single counting area in Scotland voted for the EU. Every one. It was the only home nation where every counting area voted one way and not the other. Even some parts of London and Northern Ireland, alleged strongholds of pro-EU sentiment, managed to produce some counting areas with Brexit victories. But not Scotland! Every part showed that their allegiance and love is with the EU. That does not sit well with me, and should not sit well with you either.

We are told by the centre-right in Britain that the European Union is bad but the Anglo-Welsh-Ulster union with Scotland is good. This is despite there being zero evidence that this benefits us. Scotland costs the taxpayer billions of pounds, yet we see no real return on that. Instead, all we do is heavily subsidise the SNP regime, which uses this loot to provide a welfare state that is denied even to the poorest and neediest English voter. Usually one does not bite the hand that feeds, yet in Scotland the English hand, feeding billions in welfare, is routinely bitten and spat upon by anti-English sentiment that borders on racism.

As I have written in the past – see my article here – Scotland provides the British Left with a massive Westminster bloc vote. At Westminster, these 50 plus Scottish MPs will always reliably vote in the way that is most against the interests of the English people. Think back to the Blair years, when a bloc vote of Scottish MPs voted to impose tuition fees on English students, but kept their own students exempt. This is still a source of rightful anger in England, especially amongst aspirational but poor working class English families. Why should the daughter of a truck driver from Leeds pay through the nose for her education but the daughter of a Scottish millionaire gets it for nothing?

This Scottish bloc vote is still a problem for England/Wales, even though the bloc is primarily SNP rather than Labour now. Within hours of the Brexit vote, the SNP swore blind they would ‘not give legislative consent’ to any vote that finalises Brexit. This means the SNP will throw delaying spanners in the works to try and deny the majority of the British population their wish that Brexit be finalised and formalised. I for one have not fought all my life for Brexit so that a bitter, twisted bloc vote at Westminster can prevent this becoming a legal reality.

So what is to be done?

The whole point of UKIP is a belief that unions of countries don’t always work out to the satisfaction of some of the countries in it. The EU is a union of countries, it doesn’t work to the satisfaction of the UK so it was best to leave that union. We had been together for 40 plus years, but when something has run its course, it has run its course. This break doesn’t mean we stop being friends or stop cooperating, it is simply an adult acknowledgement that we have politically irreconcilable differences. The same applies to the Union that is the United Kingdom. Scotland is pro-EU, so why force it to stay in a Brexit Britain, especially if the attempt to force it leads to their petulant sabotage of Brexit , voted for by the majority in England and Wales?


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