We want our country back!

Remember that cry? Let me tell you: we still haven’t got our country back, and I don’t mean it’s because Article 50 has not (yet) been invoked. It’s because our politicians have not noticed or are to scared to notice that there’s indeed an ‘enemy within’, an enemy with a pernicious ideology that masquerades as ‘religion’. That enemy is aided and abetted by our Establishment. It’s time to fight back, time to call them out, time to stand up against them and the establishment.

Some rather extraordinary bits of information have come out in the week just gone, the week where Anne Marie Waters wrote in stark simplicity that “UKIP must face islam or die”.

Regular readers will remember that several authors on UKIP Daily have been pointing out that we must grasp this nettle, that weasel words are unhelpful, that the situation in our country will get worse if we shy away from naming the problem: Islam in our country. Readers will have noticed that the establishment always ‘promises’ to do something – usually after mass terrorist attacks. ‘Charlie Hebdo’ happened two years ago. What, except uttering pious words, have our politicians done since then?


Actually, they did worse than nothing, with our own UKIP leaders in fact joining that club of appeasers.

I remember the Spring Conference in Margate in February 2015, where we geared up to the General Election later that year. At that conference, Peter Whittle – you may have heard of him – said in his speech that British Law must apply to all. Huge applause. We understood that to mean that UKIP would fight against Sharia law in our country, that our courts would no longer treat Muslim criminals with kid gloves. Remember that just a few months before our Spring Conference the Rotherham Report into child sex abuse by Muslims had been published.

And then what happened?

Anything seemingly critical of Islam was brushed out in party statements. For example, a comment poster here on UKIP Daily wrote that in February 2015 UKIP stated on its website that they support the ban on non-stun slaughter. That website entry was gone in April 2015 and never made it into our GE Manifesto. Now we know why, two years later, that infamous ‘halal leaflet’ in the Stoke by-election was ‘allowed’ to pass …

In today’s Telegraph is a report that ‘Imams to be told to preach in English in mosques’ – how gentle! This is apparently to fulfil a Tory 2015 Manifesto promise to ‘combat radicalisation’ and ‘hate speech’. Well, better late than never, but allow me to snigger – there’s a reason the then Home Secretary and now PM Ms Theresa May is called ‘Sharia May’.

The rot has well and truly set in. Last week we read that a judge in one of our courts delayed the trial of a Muslim terror suspect because the trial date had been set for Ramadan, and our gentle judge thought the poor man would not be able to follow proceedings while fasting …

Earlier this year, we heard that some church leaders of the Church of England allowed, nay, invited, Muslims to ‘read from the Quran’  – in the cathedrals in Glasgow and Gloucester. Do these learned theologians not know that this act means their cathedrals can now be regarded as no longer belonging to Christians? Btw – how come we see photos of our politicians visiting mosques, but never of visiting churches?

It has come to this: all our politicians are bowing to Islam, denying what we all can see in our daily lives – be it parking fines for cars parked at churches but not at mosques, be it gender segregation in our schools, be it ‘hate speech’ prosecutions where one man gets a prison sentence for leaving bacon sandwiches at a mosque but no prosecution for calls to kill ‘infidels’, no police action when a Muslim kicks a female bystander: the list of such everyday incidences is getting longer and longer. And let’s not even start remarking on the way Islamic terrorist attacks are being reported in the MSM, here and internationally: they are apparently always committed by ‘mentally ill lone wolves’ of obscure origins …!

Such news, apparently small and inconsequential, apparently of ‘local interest’ only, are mounting up. This creeping and now obvious Islamification of our daily lives is not just happening here, it can be observed with horror in such liberal modern states like Germany and Sweden.

So – what to do?

Start with naming what is happening without fear, without bowing to political correctness, not just on here but also to our party hierarchy. Demand that they address this issue! Reporting facts, observed by people across the country, is not ‘bringing the party into disrepute’ – but keeping quiet about them is, and is going to cost us votes.

Start with putting meat on the bare bones of ‘British law for all’ – for all who live here in the UK, that is.

FGM is illegal in our country – so where are the prosecutions?

Polygamy is illegal in our country – so where are the prosecutions. Why are we, the taxpayers, made to support this by paying for multiple wives?

Sex discrimination has been illegal in our country – so why are we turning a blind eye to this happening in our schools, universities and political rallies?

We’ve just rejected the EU because we wanted our country back, we wanted to live under British laws, not those decided in Brussels. Are we now going to allow ourselves to be governed by Sharia instead, which is already creeping into every nook and cranny of our public lives?

No! No! No!

Taking our country back also means taking it back from the lying, duplicitous establishment who have poisoned our public discourse with labels like ‘racist’ and Islamophobic’ whenever one describes what is happening. They have been trying to stifle debate with their insidious cry that ‘it’s their culture, innit, and who are we to judge’.

Fine. Let’s say everywhere that this is our culture, innit, where British law reigns supreme, no exceptions! All those who want to live according to their laws are free to leave and go to one of the Islamic countries where Sharia law is the law and where Islam is the state religion.

The fight for our country starts here and now!

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