The arguments of the Remainians are now becoming bizarre. They are stoking up the Climate of Fear in a way which is as close to blackmail as one can get, with the ‘Big Banks’ – that’s Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank – hinting they may raise the cost of loans if we leave, as reported in the Express. Anybody scanning that headline would of course think it’s their mortgage that would rise. That’s exactly the impression the Remainians want to create, but since when have Goldman Sachs or Deutsche Bank been raising British interest rates?

Another article – I’m sorry, but it did make me laugh – is that outside the EU we wouldn’t be capable of tackling the illegal trade in products from protected species like rhino horns …

Both these latest interventions by the IN-camp play nicely on the fears of that part of our community called the ‘stockbroker belt’, in the hope that these ‘betters’ will scare us peasants into staying IN.

But there’s one other fear Cameron and Hague are now dragging out, in the hope that we’ll all become utterly afraid. It’s about War and Peace. That is a very grave issue, and it is rather despicable that the Remaininans use it, playing with false cards to scare everybody into staying IN.

The former Foreign Secretary William Hague is at it in his opinion piece in the Telegraph: “Leaving the EU would be disastrous for the Falklands, Gibraltar and Ulster”

You’ve read recently how one of our ships had to fire flares at a Spanish one in the waters around Gibraltar because it was on course to ram a US submarine. Spain is in the EU, last I heard, and our and their EU membership hasn’t prevented any of the Spanish ‘interventions’ in and around Gibraltar, as Mr Hague surely must be aware of.

What he and the Remainians of course don’t ever mention is that the UK, Spain and yes indeed the USA are all in NATO. Nor do the IN campaigners ever mention that not only was NATO created before the EU or that indeed both the UK and Spain were keeping the peace while in NATO before either ever joined the EU. So this is scaremongering of the finest.

Mr Hague argues throughout his article – from a very great height as former Foreign Secretary – as if the Republic of Ireland, Spain, and indeed Argentina would attack Northern Ireland, The Falklands and Gibraltar like raving wolves immediately we’re OUT, and that only our cowering behind the mighty EU would keep the people there safe.
In other words: we’re weak, we’re feeble on our own, and all our successes are really only due to the EU, from the Falklands War to the Good Friday Agreement …

In other words, it is perfectly acceptable for the Hagues and Camerons to sell out our sovereignty to the EU, with all that entails in brutal reality, just to prevent Argentina or Spain from doing what they are already doing anyway while we’re still in the EU.

The actual fact which Hague, Cameron and the rest never mention is that inside the EU we’ll be less safe, and that we’ll become involved in wars which we cannot prevent, not with all other EU member states voting against us.

Colonel Richard Kemp has stark words in his article in the Telegraph:

“David Cameron says Brexit could lead to continental war. Former Nato secretaries general suggest the EU is a “key partner” for the defence organisation. But in the future, the opposite will be true, for this simple reason. A vote to Remain would embolden Brussels in the goal of ever-closer union. This will include a European army, enshrined in the EU project through the Mastricht and Lisbon treaties. And an EU army would undermine deterrence and cripple Nato, weakening European defences when we face increasing threats from Russia, the Middle East and radical Islam.”

He is even more forthright in the article he wrote for Breitbart London. Colonel Kemp’s articles are required reading, not just because he knows whereof he speaks. They are required reading because he describes the dangers which will face us when it comes to War and Peace, should we remain.

It is bizarre that the IN campaigners, from Cameron down, are so busily playing down the role of NATO while apparently very happy to use threats of War to keep us in the EU, with that shiny new toy for Brussels, the EU Army, which in reality will be undermining our and by extension the EU’s security.

Nigel Jones explains how it actually was the EU which created the last two armed conflicts on the Continent – Yugoslavia and the Ukraine.

But two can play this ‘game of fear’ – so what about this worst-case scenario:

We stay IN; a year later the EU Army is up and running; a few months after that, the Ukraine begs the EU to send the EU Army to help them against Russia …

We’d be involved, thanks to the new toy, the EU Army, and our lads and lasses would suddenly find themselves in a war against Russia. Who, do you think, would bear the brunt of such war? Malta, Spain, Austria, Sweden? With the German Bundeswehr on their knees anyway, you can surely connect the dots …!

Is that ‘safe’?

Is that how we ‘keep the peace’?

Is that how we protect our people?

Do you really think Brussels, M Juncker, Mr Tusk and Mr Schulz will keep the peace, or keep us ‘safe’?

Think again – and vote OUT!

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