While we are still waiting for something, anything, to come out of UKIP’s Top Level to tell us what has been going on, what is being done, where we actually stand, who is doing what – anyone who’s been reading the comment posts here knows full well the daily litany of justified complaints – let’s look at something which has had the British MSM (UKIP Daily, while not part of the MSM (chance would be a fine thing!), has also published letters on this theme) in full swing for the last few weeks:

Sex! Sex Scandal! Sex Pests! MPs behaving ‘inappropriately’! Groping! Hand-on-Knee! A veritable War on Women!

I’ll not recapitulate the various interpretations of why ‘we’ are being told now of deeds done 5, ten or more years ago – do read Felicia Catto’s Open Letter – but want to pick up one observation made by Kathy Gyngell in her article titled ‘The final front in the war on men’:

“Today’s sexless sex scandal isn’t about ‘morals’ any more than it is about sex. It is about gender, power and control. Pure and simple. […] This is not about marital constancy, responsibility or commitment, or any of the things that affect children and their sanity. It is not even about respect, but about domination, power and control of men by women, which will deepen the gulf that already exists between the sexes. […] it’s not casual sex or under-age sex exploitation that’s exercising Parliament’s new sisterhood alliance, […] The point is there is no moral compass at play here. This is the final front in the feminists’ war on men and they are not disguising it.”

Just so – and this war, on the stage of British Politics, has produced its first casualty. The Welsh Labour Minister in the Welsh Assembly Government, Carl Sargeant, has killed himself. According to this report, he was suspended on Friday while away on holidays, after allegations by three women. He was not told who they were, nor what they had accused him of. The Welsh Labour Government were told over the weekend that he was distraught, but according to the report none of the caring Labour colleagues told him what exactly his crime was. Now he’s dead. Crocodile tears from across the political spectrum and ‘normal business’ at the Welsh Assembly being interrupted for the rest of this week…

It is sad and indeed horrendous, but will our feminist politicians, from Ms Rudd at the Home Office to Ms Davidson in the Scottish Assembly to Andrea Leadsom and Jess Phillips on the Opposition benches, pause for a moment in their desire to ‘detoxify’ the horrible male MPs and their toxic ‘male culture’? I very much doubt it.

Some journalists have pointed out that this whole ‘Pestminster’ affair has apparently abolished our tenet of “innocent until proven guilty”. The accusations, first by female journalists who at least outed themselves as ‘victims’, albeit years after the event, have now become anonymous, the content of their accusations being kept secret. While it would be understandable if these accusations were kept out of the MSM it is totally unacceptable that the accused is not been told what he has been accused of. “Witch Hunt” is indeed a good comparison.

But why is this suddenly described as a ‘War on Men’? Because that’s what it is, and it has been going on for years, under the radar. On the surface, i.e. in the establishment media, men had to declare their anti-toxic-male, feminist-supportive stance, openly or in the way they reported, for example, the various ‘outcries’ against rape. Rape cases were reported gleefully and at length but not where the female accusers were shown to have made things up so that the cases were thrown out by the judge with ‘no case to answer’.

That is the tip of the iceberg. This war begins much earlier, in our schools where boys are being brainwashed into feminine behaviour because their boyish behaviour does not please the female teachers. These boys are not yet anywhere near power, and in order to keep them out our cousins in the USA are showing us the way. In colleges, for years, lecturers and teachers have had a policy called ‘progressive stacking’, which means that they call on white male students last. Read about this here, but sit down before you do.

Then there’s the dirty secret reported year on year: male suicides – see here and here and here, for example – and no-one really knows why, unless it’s the facile reason ‘because they’re not females’.

This is the silent war which has been ongoing for years, which has not been talked about except once a year when statistics come out. This is the silent war which has now entered Parliament through the unholy ‘sisterhood’ of wimmin-in-power who can suddenly ‘reach across the political divide’.

I note that such female solidarity was and still is emphatically lacking when it comes to the victims, in the true sense of the word, of rapes, in the true sense of the word, by “Asians”. I note that Political Correctness has poisoned not just public discourse but actual thought processes to such an extent that victim is no longer = ‘victim’; that “crime” is now actually a crime or not, depending on the skin colour and status of the – anonymously – accused, and that all those infected by PC – be they MPs or journalists – are now so bereft of common sense that we can see it without magnifying glasses.

We Kippers know about being smeared with PC-condoned smears. No need to list them: you all know them! We know about sticks-and-stones. So here’s my proposal, since we still don’t know what our Top Team think we should do next: let’s take a stand against the PC-induced War on Men!

Being called a toxic anti-feminist surely is no worse than being called a racist. Before you say Brexit is more important: we can multi-task better than the wimmin in Parliament, Government Education, Judiciary and MSM. And Brexit is to do with the War on Men because guess where all the feminist legislation comes from, guess where the scrapping of one of our finest legal achievements, the Presumption of Innocence, comes from: Brussels!

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