I was going to write about the NEC which we were first told would meet today but is now going to meet on Sunday the 21st of January. I was going to write about the perniciousness of the Omerta imposed by and on the ‘central party’, i.e. that no-one would speak about this affair while ‘an investigation’ was ongoing. This edict has been broken again and again by our still leader, Henry Bolton. Truly, it seems that some animals in UKIP are more equal than others. I was going to point out, gently, that we as Party are losing time addressing burning issues …

However, there’s this ‘exclusive interview’ with Henry Bolton in today’s DT:

Ukip leader Henry Bolton: ‘Three weeks with Jo was the happiest I’ve been in years’

which deserves a place in the Hall of Fame for Fairy Tale Narrators .

In it, we can watch with growing disbelief how Bolton creates this modern myth of love sacrificed, of a beautiful, intelligent young woman hounded by his enemies inside the party; how he left his wife and toddlers not because he longed to be with his love, oh no: he wanted to work on an article, she didn’t want him to, so he selflessly put Party before family life and left, spending Christmas Eve alone … and if you don’t believe him then you are his enemy and set on wrecking the Party.

Well, one reader sent me this DT article with the remark ‘pass the sick bag’. Myself, on reading it, thought ‘pull the other one, Henry’.

There are now too many rumours saying that Henry and Jo met well before Dec 16th – I cannot substantiate these rumours because members prefer, rightly and understandably so, not to come out in the open. Who would when a leader who is pulling out all the stops and twisting arms (probably) behind the scenes as well as on social media to keep his job is now showing that he’s not beyond being vindictive!

The fascinating thing though is to observe how Henry creates his modern myth. First, he spins as the great love story of our times (well, within UKIP, that is). It’s so great that, if he remains as leader, he’ll go back to her. Probably. And never mind all those ‘unfortunate’ texts and tweets this lovely girl sent: his enemies ripped them out of context, of course, and thus they should be disregarded. When we see them as racist and some as beyond vile, we only do so because we’re his enemies and don’t want him to indulge in his love life …

At the same time this vulnerable young woman he so loves, and whom he described as being near suicidal because of this hounding, now enjoys a two-week holiday in Disneyland Paris. This was reported in the Daily Mail as well as other papers – just to show that it’s not the ‘left-wing media’, as Henry says, who write about his saga …  but wait: was this ‘fake news’, was this an attempt to throw the sleuths off her track? Because we also have this report:

Henry Bolton Claims Ex’s Racist Texts Were Doctored As He’s Spotted Having Intimate Dinner Just Days After Claiming Romance Is Over

where the two were seen leaving the National Liberal Club yesterday evening … days after he said the ‘romance’ was over.

Why would we believe that it’s ‘his enemies in UKIP’ who thus give a lie to the lovely image of a beautiful your woman hounded and distraught – so distraught that Henry says (his own words):

“Her life has been turned on its head by this. Her modelling career is finished. There have been times I have been seriously concerned for her welfare. There was one night I stayed awake because I was so worried about her.”

when he gives the lie to his previous public statements on a nearly daily basis? And yes, given that Henry told us he has no income: who paid for this dinner? Jo, who’s modelling career ‘is over’?

Meanwhile, late last (Wednesday) night Henry has been very busy on his facebook page, where I found this – for all to see, MSM included (the DM has snapped it up already):

An organised coup and insurgency against my leadership of our party has begun. Prominent individuals both inside and outside the party have co-operated with left wing media to intentionally destabilize the party during this time and turn the members against me. I was elected to lead this party and shall continue doing so against interest groups that I will unveil.”

There is of course more stuff on that facebook page.

All of this – the interview reported in other online papers this morning, the overnight Facebook page entries – has made me incandescent. This is why:

For this whole year the only time UKIP and Bolton are mentioned in the MSM is when they report about his love life! He as leader and thus UKIP as represented by the spokespeople he installed (with two exceptions) have been conspicuous by their silence on other issues – dare I mention Brexit?

There have been so many open goals which he and UKIP didn’t even perceive, it’s beginning to look like wilful obtuseness. Just today, there were two headlines in all the papers which ought to have had a proper, loud response from Henry Bolton, e.g.

Britain will pay France £44m to help it police border at Calais


SAS 1980 Iranian Embassy siege HERO who guarded Princess Diana left HOMELESS and destitute

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember that he and Mike Hookem presented a campaign, ‘Save Our Services’ last year … but there’s nothing about these news items on that site, nothing on the official Party site. Let’s not blame the UKIP Press Office, they have their hands full dealing with Henry’s love live, no time or resources to address anything else.

And thus it has been throughout the months of Henry’s ‘reign’: promises but nothing happening for members, never mind voters, to see and hear.  

Now, it seems, we can expect weeks of warfare inside UKIP, regardless of Henry staying or not. Allow me just this question: if defending Ms Jo and his love life is so all-consuming that Henry can waste hours on Facebook instead of working for the Party; that our Press officers have to deal with this to the exclusion of all else,  and that we can now look forward with confidence to Henry’s vendetta should he stay – when will he put Party before his love life? When will he address all the burning issues inside the party which he promised he’d do? That’s what we elected him for, after all.

With members leaving in droves, with branches closing across the country – are we watching not just the creation of a modern myth, a modern ‘UKIP love story’, but the actual death of UKIP?


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