Monday night saw a rematch of one of the most one-sided political debates in recent memory, Farage vs Clegg on EU membership. Having received a terrible mauling last time, Cleggers picked much more favourable territory to engage the enemy this time around – the Oxford Union.

The already warm audience lapped up Clegg’s insincere sincerity, and in a result that as yet undiscovered tribes in the Amazon basin could have predicted, the Oxford Union resoundingly backed the UK’s EU membership.

A damning indictment of our Universities’ ability to produce minds that are capable of even the limited amount of independent thought required to see through the tissue of lies, half-truths, scaremongering, platitudes and empty soundbites that constitute the pro-EU argument, but there we go. You can’t win ’em all.


Here are some short highlights, followed by Douglas Carswell, courtesy of the BBC and RobinHoodUKIP’s YouTube Channel.


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