It is the Bicentenary of Waterloo this year, and instead of celebrating what Great Britain achieved that day and indeed in the years leading up to that day, on the high seas and on land, we get our own history rewritten and falsified, in the name of “Europe”.

It is not only that the Continentals, lead by France, are doing their utmost to turn this into a Pan-European feast, where the contribution of Great Britain can and must be minimised, it’s also our own cultural ‘elite’ in academe and the MSM who are doing their level best to instil guilt and loathing in our young, and in all who can be bothered to take notice.
Wellington, or so the cultural ‘elite’ will have us believe, mustn’t be acknowledged because he only won with the help of the Germans and other European troops, and because he didn’t treat his wife very well – after all, he was absent for years fighting the Peninsular war, what sort of husband would do that …!

He also mustn’t be acknowledged because he was an aristocrat, never mind that he only was created a Duke on merit, i.e. after having won the Peninsular War, thus greatly contributing to the abdication of Napoleon in 1814. Most importantly he must be denigrated because he was a ‘reactionary Tory politician’.
We’ve now come to the point where, in the view of the cultural ‘elite’, anybody who doesn’t fit into their 21st century world view of what is ‘acceptable,’ has to be besmirched or best forgotten and never mentioned, unless he can be utilised as shameful contrast to the ‘hero du jour’.

This is what cultural marxism, propagated by Common Purpose alumni, actually looks like in practice.
Thus, in their view, the one who must be celebrated is Napoleon, because he was a ‘revolutionary’ and got rid of the aristocrats. It doesn’t matter that the aristos had been got rid of well before Napoleon grasped power, or that he crowned himself emperor. It doesn’t matter that he crowned his siblings kings of the various kingdoms he conquered. It is irrelevant that he rewarded his marshals with kingdoms and duchies – these are useless facts, best not mentioned because they don’t fit their “narrative”.

His aggression against Russia in 1812 also doesn’t matter, because Russia was and is an evil empire, which can of course be attacked, because: Putin! The deaths of millions of people – especially all those in Napoleon’s Grande Armee – are irrelevant.

Even the fact that the uprisings in Spain against the king installed by Napoleon (his own brother, by the way) were led by ordinary people, and were in fact the model for guerilla warfare so beloved by the Left, must be disregarded. Well, it might be used as quaint background for a TV series, like ‘Sharpe’, but that’s all.

Of course, it is also utterly irrelevant that Napoleon fought in Russia, Spain and at Waterloo by bolstering his French Army with large contingents from the rest of Europe, especially Germany, Austria and Poland. That he divorced his wife of so many years, Josephine Beauharnais, to marry a ‘trophy wife’ a daughter of the Austrian Emperor – that’s also best not mentioned by our ‘social justice warriors’!
Waterloo is the most blatant example how our own cultural ‘elite’ in academe and the MSM are falsifying our own history.

Facts don’t matter to them, they need scapegoats so they can show and exemplify how much better, humane and caring they themselves are, as opposed to those horrible ‘warriors’ of old, who are, of course, ‘reactionary’. Our cultural ‘elite’ also needs some sort of heroes – but they never ever must be British! In their eyes, being British means one cannot do great deeds or be a hero, one can only be guilty, forever.

Only someone like Napoleon can be a hero because he’s not British, because the French love him, because he wanted a ‘unified Europe’, never mind that he was aiming to be the European Emperor. He is a EU hero above all because he was only beaten in the field at Waterloo by a dastardly British Aristocrat, who couldn’t even have done that without the immense help of all those other, proper Europeans!
This denigration of our history is necessary so that EU History can be ‘celebrated’.

Admiral Nelson is now only interesting to the cultural ‘elite’ and the MSM because he had, gasp, an affair with a pretty woman. Just ask your kids if they know what the Battle of the Nile was!

The French battleship Orient burns, 1 August 1...

The French battleship Orient burns, 1 August 1798, during the Battle of the Nile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wellington is now only interesting as backdrop to ‘Sharpe’, as ‘inventor’ of the wellie, and as ‘reactionary Tory’ who can and must be bashed.

Churchill is now only known for making some speeches and for having drunk a lot and smoked a lot.
We actually must be made to feel guilty, we must be shamed for daring to admire these three men. It’s simply not acceptable to our cultural ‘elite’ and ‘social justice warriors’ to praise a womaniser and adulterer, a reactionary aristocrat, and a drunk smoker. No, these heroes are not EU heroes.

Denigrating our British history is necessary to Brussels and to our own ‘elite’, because they aim to ‘unify’ the EU by subsuming nations under a modern Napoleonic banner.

Nations do define themselves by their Great Men, their historical heroes. Destroy these heroes and you destroy national histories. Without national histories, nations lose their anchor and thus can be more easily submerged into the great EU Blob. That is the ultimate aim of the EU, and our cultural marxists in Common Purpose.

If we let this happen without fight, we will indeed have lost at Waterloo.

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