Maybe we are going in the wrong direction by focusing how to get a reasonable number of UKIP Members of Parliament.  It costs a lot of money and frankly the voters are not really interested in electing us.  The Referendum Party under James Goldsmith had a similar uphill struggle and never gained sufficient traction.  Nevertheless UKIP under the leadership of Nigel Farage changed politics in the UK significantly.

Similarly Al-Queida succeeded in attracting Worldwide support for a cause, without having any representatives in any government.  Isis though essentially a throw back to ancient warlords invading and controlling people with the use of terror also appeals to people throughout the World to gravitate to their cause.  All done by the propagation of an idea.

The Greens only attract about 1 person in 100 of those who vote in almost every country, nevertheless the Environmental movement through the idea of ‘saving the planet’ aided by the scam of Global Warming and the demonization of CO2 have managed to have an enormous impact the World over.

The Greens did this with virtually no significant representation in any parliament but used organisations such as Greenpeace, the WWF and then the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to force the issue.  The Lib Dems, then Labour, and even the Conservatives have all been keen to support the environmental agenda and things really took off when Obama started spouting that the science was settled and fossil fuels were evil.

Nigel Farage of UKIP succeeded in getting the idea across that the EU was an undemocratic organisation that was depriving nations of their sovereignty.  That it was part of a growing globalisation of political power and out of the control of the subject peoples.

This idea has now been stolen by the Conservatives, who are using it because it is now popular with the voting majority of Britain. So the subject that has been tearing that party apart since the days of Margaret Thatcher is presently suppressed.  The Conservatives will likely increase the parliamentary majority on the back of this subject because it will dominate over the other issues of public expenditure.

UKIP and the Greens do not need representation in parliament to achieve political goals.  It can all be done these days via the media, whether it is main-stream or social.  Maybe it is just that people like to weald power that attracts them to want to be members of Parliament.

It would be really useful to have at least one UKIP Member of Parliament that would accept the money from the Treasury due to a Party in proportion to the number of votes cast UK wide for it.  I am sure the Green Party single MP never turned down that money, unlike Douglas Carswell purportedly representing UKIP.

To succeed then requires us to have important ideas and to keep repeating them until sufficient pressure is brought to bear to achieve their implementation.  By not trying to placate the electorate about sorting the myriad problems, such as underfunding, we can carry messages that would not get us elected but are vitally important to the nation.

There are three ideas I believe are vitally important to the people of the UK.


  1. To repeal the Climate Change Act 2007. This is so we can again freely use fossil fuels, which are in abundant supply in the UK, to also allow the rapid spread of fracking for gas.


The importance of this must be brought to the public attention as the CO2/global warming scam is causing us to use very expensive alternatives driving up electricity prices and causing a critical level of available supply.  The cost of electricity is not actually a serious issue for the normal household where it is not as costly as a subscription to Sky TV or keeping up with the latest smart phone and its service cost.

Conversely for industry it is an important production cost and makes the UK uncompetitive with other countries, even within Europe where our electricity prices are highest.


  1. A Bill of Rights for the British People. These rights were originally laid down in the Magna Carta and have been developed and reinforced through legal precedent over the generations. The most important of these rights is Habeas Corpus.  That is that the your body is yours and no organisation can imprison you without going to a court within usually 48 hours and declaring the case against you, to the satisfaction of the court.


That was the case in the UK until Theresa May pushed the legislation through Parliament in November 2014 that while it still applies to UK law it does not apply to arrest and detention by any authority from any of the other 27 countries in the EU.  Furthermore the present Home Secretary Rt Hon Amber Rudd has declared that the European Arrest Warrant will continue to apply after we leave the EU.

The people of the UK have lost their most fundamental right because of the actions of a series of Prime Ministers and the support of recent Home Secretaries.  In the Bill we can extend it to protect minors from sexual mutilation for social or religious reasons.

Years ago I had a friend who said we should have a constitution and Bill of Rights like the USA, but I argued it was unnecessary because we had legal precedent that did not exist when the USA was created following the War of Independence.  This has of course changed now in the UK as a succession of Prime Ministers has used the Royal Prerogative to sign away our rights to the EU.

Interestingly in every case the Royal Prerogative was used to sign away those rights without first obtaining a mandate from the people.  After a mandate was obtained to take back our rights and sovereignty, Gina Miller and her lawyer successfully outmaneuvered the government legal team that the Royal Prerogative couldn’t now be used to leave the EU.

The Bill of rights must include that it can only be modified following a mandate representing the will of the people and never be changed or modified using the Royal Prerogative.


  1. The Nation must live within its means. We must take control of public expenditure to bring the deficit down and then to run a surplus to reduce the staggering total national debt. No more promises of more money to be thrown at services, which are all bottomless pits. The more you throw at them the more they learn that they can keep spending with abandon.


Having run a business since 1978 I realised quickly how I became surrounded by financial and legal parasites.  The banks, the lawyers, the landlords, the credit card companies, the magazine and newspaper advertising, government taxes, business institutions, quality assurance agencies, licences, insurance, etc., all wanted what they could get from my profits.

The banks were the worst, if you were in dire need of capital they would lend it with high rates of interest plus management fees and set up charges.  The principle was simple, that you needed the money to invest that allowed the growth but that only provided for the costs of borrowing the money.

While the business prospered they tried to force feed more on you but as soon as things slowed or even reversed they wanted the debt withdrawn.  Hence the expression they lend you an umbrella when it is fine and want it back when it rains.

The country is run like this at the moment where we have overspent already on public services so that we are borrowing money at a rate of £1,500,000,000 a week with a third of that propping up the public services and the other two thirds supposedly to service the interest on our total debt.  In effect we are borrowing money from a credit card to pay the interest on another credit card and which carries on increasing because we can neither afford the interest nor pay off the loan.

My life and business success only prospered when I worked hard and scrimped to clear myself of the overdraft and loans.  Thereafter the profit, which I was able to keep and invest allowed growth without liability.  This is true for all business where the primary purpose is to produce a profit for continues success and as a reward for the business owners and managers.

When the government becomes too greedy because it cannot control its spending and increases taxes on business, they become less profitable and cannot invest and are not incentivised to do so.  Multinational companies start looking around for other countries to transfer the business to in order to maintain or increase profits.

UKIP must stop saying that money saved from EU membership or from foreign aid should be spent on the NHS.  That money doesn’t exist except in the form of borrowing from the continental and international banks.

We must learn to live within our means and become as self sufficient in energy and food as possible   We must also build ships to police the moat that surrounds our shores to protect our territorial waters, our fishing and from invasion of foreigners.

You see, that by stopping trying to be popular we can champion important messages and force other parties in parliament to make the nation safe and self-sufficient using the power of the people through the media.

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