Today is Easter Sunday, the most holy Feast Day for Christians across the world, a day when millions of Christians ‘do God’ and those who don’t enjoy the extra Bank Holiday tomorrow anyway.

Picking up from Part One published yesterday, I’ll illustrate with a few points why I believe this attitude of not ‘doing God’ is pernicious.

One point is that the long-term effect of the secularisation and de-Christianisation of our culture which has culminated in the “We don’t do God” means that we cannot answer when a faithful muslim asks what do we do instead if we ‘don’t do God’? Law and order? Islam has it. Welfare? Islam does it. Study? Islam does it provided it’s only learning the quran by heart, and giving dawa to infidels.

What do people answer when confronted with the old whataboutism of the bloody Crusaders against peaceful islam? Do they even know about the physical destruction of the Coptic Christians by islam, still ongoing after 1400 years? Of the eradication of Christians in the Middle East, now Turkey, Syria, Lebanon? It’s only very recently that the persecution of Christians in islamic states has been deemed worthy of the odd report in the MSM.

Our intellectuals, so quick in slapping a bible quote on the table, don’t even know the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. So why should they bother to learn about the history of early Christianity? As far as they are concerned, the difference between the OT and NT doesn’t matter, and the quran is just ‘culturally different’, thus as irrelevant to modern life as the Bible and therefore nothing to do with us – because “we don’t do God”.

That attitude has now become so commonplace, this ignorance has now become so widespread that we, or rather they, have nothing to confront islam with. We will assuredly lose – unless we actually step up and confront CofE bishops, journalists, politicians, atheist professors and indeed all who declare that ‘forcing your religion down my throat’ is unacceptable as long as that religious symbol is the Cross.

They are conspicuously silent when islam is forced down our throats in the streets of our towns and cities. Left-wing ‘politicians’ are especially quick to hide behind a spurious moral superiority whenever someone dares protest against grooming gangs, sniffily declaring that this is only ‘politicising’ the suffering of the many. That they have stood aside and let this suffering happen is neither here nor there, as far as they are concerned.

There are other consequences of not ‘doing God’. The most glaring one is that our not-God-doing political leaders and their helpers in the MSM simply assume, from their great intellectual height, that nobody else they come in contact with could possibly ‘do God’. Thus, they simply are blind to the fact that islam very much ‘does Allah’.

Even worse, they think that offending Christians is negligible – they should get a thicker skin. But offending that religion of peas – that is racism and must therefore be eradicated, with blasphemy laws they’d scream against from the rooftops were the religion demanding such laws Christianity.

Still worse is the mutation of blasphemy laws into the catch-all of “Hate Speech” legislation which seems to be the only crime our police forces can prosecute nowadays. Isn’t it astonishing that those hate-speech prosecutions only ever seem to be brought against those who criticise islam, but never against those who attack Christians …

The worst consequence however is that this ‘not-doing-God’ has led the Labour Party into the morass of blatant anti-semitism, which is better called Jew Hate. For example, we read that Labour quietly reinstated six councillors who had been suspended because of anti-semitism.

If you see the names of those councillors, you can draw your own conclusions as to why they are Jew-haters. But then again, that is what their holy book demands they do. However, when one ‘doesn’t do God’ oneself then one assumes that e.g. all one’s party’s comrades also can’t possibly ‘do God’ either, doesn’t one!

This ‘culture’ which has given us Hate Speech while it promotes anti-semitism bears the most astonishing fruit. For example, the prominent Labour Politician David Lammy accuses Leave.EU of hate speech for a tweet – you have to read the whole report to get the full flavour of this warped mindset …

Obviously, he and his comrades don’t even notice this contradiction: one cannot equate criticism of islam with racism and therefore use hate speech legislation to eradicate it while at the same time give rein to anti-semitism, i.e. Jew Hate, which is actually racism pure, and demand hate-speech prosecution for those criticising anti-semitism.

That is where ‘not doing God’ leads in the end: based on a world view of ‘enlightened’ metropolitan, anything-goes attitudes, these proponents assume that all other people they know share their view and thus assume furthermore that those islamists they know must share the same attitude towards their own religion. Therefore, as far as they are concerned, islam can be disregarded unless it must be ‘defended’ against racists or explained away as ‘culturally different’.

Does this mean we must now all ‘do God’? I wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous as to prescribe that, especially not given the state the Church of England is in. But I would suggest, with all due respect, that it wouldn’t hurt to read the New Testament. After all, if one can study the quran and the hadiths to learn what islam is really about, one can perhaps find the time to study the foundations of Christianity on which our history, our own culture, is based.

A Happy Easter Sunday to you all!

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