A Report on another Action Day

We had been having such a lively time of it with our stalls that we decided to head out again last Saturday 10th November – and to Kilburn once more as it has so much going on! And with it being Remembrance Sunday last weekend it felt patriotic to be out campaigning for our freedom. It wasn’t quite as busy being dreary and damp, but it got busier as the day went on. Plus, we wanted to give the latest batch of brand-new leaflets – hot off the UKIP press! – an airing.

Interestingly as the day wore on neither Labour nor the Islamist preachers turned up – surely not put off by the threat of a tiny bit of rain? How easily they give up! The Christian gospellers kept going all day though and it certainly cheered things up. Quite a few others were out too – the UKCG church leafleteers, some Jehovah’s Witnesses (who took a Brexit leaflet) and someone giving out the Camden New Journal – generally a Remainer rag- so I was happy to see quite a few copies trampled into the wet ground!

Some who stopped had lots of questions about Brexit – they wanted to know what on earth was going on? Was it good to have a deal? Or no deal? Would we actually leave? Would there be another vote? How would it affect us? And what on earth is Theresa May doing? (we wish we knew!). And so on…

The first people to stop for a long chat was a lady who lived in social housing with her son. She was sick of being pushed to the back of the queue by new arrivals, and also sick of the local council (Labour) wasting our money. She had felt angry and fed up with it all for years – and she also was tired of youth crime – she had kept her own son on the straight and narrow with discipline, strict curfews and insisting on him doing homework etc, and it had paid off. We invited her to a branch meeting to see what she thought about joining us.

Next to have a lot to say was a man so tired of waiting for Brexit – we want it now! he said – yes; we said – we couldn’t agree more!

Then a man in a hurry rushed over – ‘what’s this about Brexit?’ he asked – staring at our leaflet. Are you for or against? ‘We are very much for it’ we reassured him.  What’s going to happen? Was his next question. And then ‘so who are you?’ ‘We are UKIP’ I said – he seemed interested – ‘would you like to join? ‘I’ll think about it’ – so I gave him a leaflet with our details on and he rushed off – that was a quick but very positive response!

Of course, a good few just ignored us, and someone flicked a leaflet so hard as he went by I wondered what on earth had happened! –  but generally, most people that stopped were genuinely interested. The market wasn’t as busy as usual, but our Brexit friends were happy to see us anyway and we dropped off a few of the new leaflets.

We had a cheery time of it and had invited 3 people to meetings – but the rain was on its way, so it was time to pack up and find a warm pub… not a bad day at all for one that started with missing leaflets, rain, and heavy traffic…! And then a text from our regular who has been ill – How did it go? Are we out next week? I guess so…!

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