The Telegraph 

Blame bad parents for Britain’s ills, says Sir Michael Wilshaw

Discipline Plebgate police and say sorry to Andrew Mitchell, Theresa May tells forces

Glenn Greenwald admits he is leaving The Guardian after departure leaked

Yes, BBC salaries are too high – including mine, admits Alan Yentob

Nick Clegg hints at softer approach in spare room benefits row

Buckingham Palace intruder ‘wanted to talk to the Queen about benefits’


The Guardian

British spies accused of hiding activities from MPs

US shutdown deal collapses

Plebgate: May in row with police


The Independent

Hungrier than ever: Britain’s use of food banks triples

Gove is ‘wrecking’ education, Oxford chief warns


The Daily Mail

‘Bad parents are to blame for society’s ills’: Ofsted chief inspector attacks ‘hollowed out and fragmented families’

I deserve my £330,000 BBC salary, says Yentob: Executive defends his pay packet but says he feels uneasy about salaries paid to top stars

Patients could soon pay for ‘extras’ like better food, says GP

‘What you don’t do is assault women… they assault you’: Breath-taking arrogance of Jimmy Savile in shocking tapes that reveal how paedophile DJ ran rings round police


The Express

Royal Mail facing nationwide strike amid controversy it was sold off too cheaply

Boris Johnson: Children should be taught Chinese in school

We know name of Madeleine McCann’s snatcher: Police get new lead from Crimewatch

Andrew Mitchell ‘left us in a difficult position’, say Plebgate police


The BBC Website

‘Plebgate’ fallout row intensifies

Mental health services ‘in crisis’

Union calls off Grangemouth strike


Sky News Website

Pressure On Cameron As Food Bank Use Soars

Immigration: ‘One In Five Marriages A Sham’

Immigration: Why The UK Appeals To Romanians


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