A couple of months ago, I received an email from Kickstarter the crowd funding source for artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators about something called “Brexit the Movie”. I thought long and hard about it, but finally decided to put my money where my mouth is and agreed to support it. After all if it didn’t get off the ground, the way Kickstarter works, it wouldn’t have cost me anything. Anyway it appears that over 1800 other people agreed to support the project and after a while I received an email confirming the fact. Oh well nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say!

So I then get an email stating that there would be an “opening night” at the Odeon Leicester Square. Tickets at £20. Well never having been to a red carpet event like this, and believing one should get as much out of life as possible I thought why not! So off I travelled from deepest Gloucestershire with some trepidation as it said come dressed up for the occasion but I thought black tie was maybe a little ostentatious for me.

Natasha Hemmings, Miss England

Arrived extremely early (legacy of being in the forces I suppose) but having a UKIP lapel badge meant that it wasn’t long before started talking to a number of other kippers and had great conversation with a couple of guys from Dagenham branch before taking a few photos of the “stars” as well as a number of pretty girls (sorry sexist remark but great eye candy) arriving.

Then we were allowed in, so found my way up the red carpet, together with I suspect at least 1500 others, many gents in black tie and ladies in evening dresses (called that one wrong) but as Nigel appeared in a lounge suit didn’t feel too bad.purpleman

In to a packed house and not just kippers, there were a number of young Tories sat behind me. Some friendly “joshing” but I did remind them that if it wasn’t for UKIP there wouldn’t be a referendum! Sat next to a YI member from Glasgow (now living in London) so a very mixed bunch of people.

Then Martin Durkin, the director of the film appeared on the stage explaining that the film was about democracy and freedom i.e regaining our right to elect the people who govern us and to “kick them out” when we no longer want them. He made a great joke about taking a leaf out of the EU’s book and not accepting the result if the Remainers win! As he said, he wants to get the film out in as many ways as possible and reminded everyone that you can of course hire your local cinema and show it yourself. It is available to watch on Vimeo and also to download. It will be available next week as a DVD.

Then the film started – and I am not going to spoil it too much for people! It was funny, sad, poignant, made me angry and want to weep. It explained how the EU (fortress Europe) creates protectionism that kills competition and how it is responsible for higher food prices,  the death of our fishing industry and how it is really affecting such simple things as sugar refining.

It was a great pantomime atmosphere with people clapping and cheering their heroes as they appeared in the film. There was even the opportunity for some booing and hissing when the arch pantomime villain made a cameo appearance – you guessed it David Cameron!

I thought I knew a lot about the EU but I know a great deal more now. The film tells us that there are over 90 EU buildings in Brussels alone, it is made up of 7 institutions and has four presidents. It’s bad enough trying to find who is responsible for what in your local council never mind who to complain to in the EU. It was the regulation that made me angry, how can there be 31 regulations about toothbrushes? But I also found this bit very funny in the way regulation was portrayed.

P1020497_300After the film there was the inevitable “first night party”. I would have loved to attend but the cost was too rich for my blood.

That’s it for a taster, go and watch the film somewhere somehow and then try and get everyone you know to watch it.

It has made me more than ever determined to get Britain out of the EU and in the tragic event that we lose this referendum, I will just do my small bit to agitate for yet another referendum until I am no longer able.

If my small financial contribution to the film helps us win the argument, then I think it will be one of the best ways I have ever spent my money. You can view and download “Brexit the Movie” here

Nigel farage arriving

Nigel Farage arriving

David Davis being interviewed

David Davis being interviewed

Kate Hoey

Kate Hoey

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