‘Unemployed? Then get a job in Costa coffee’: Employment minister tells young they must be prepared to take ‘entry-level’ jobs

  • Esther McVey tells young they must to start at bottom and work way up
  • Claims British youth less prepared for world of work than foreign migrants
  • 941,000 people aged 16-24 unemployed – 282,000 for more than a year
  • Echoes of Norman Tebbit ‘on your bike’ slogan to workless

Balls STILL talks down recovery despite IMF boost,: Shadow Chancellor under fire for dismissing figures and branding recovery ‘slowest for 100 years’

  • Shadow Chancellor accuses Government of being ‘complacent’
  • Mr Balls said recovery ‘was not built to last’ as wages were still down 
  • His comments have been slammed by financial experts as ‘disgraceful’

Clegg ‘is facing a bloodbath’: Senior Lib Dems urge leader to back down over sex claims peer

  • Lord Rennard will seek an injunction if Mr Clegg holds inquiry into claims
  • Lord Steel raised stakes saying threat of expulsion should be withdrawn
  • Party members warn he has ‘black book’ of Lib Dems he’s not afraid to use


Shameless hypocrites trading in sanctimony: QUENTIN LETTS on the humbling of the Lib Dems


Labour peers ‘in plot to sabotage Cameron bid for EU referendum’

LABOUR peers were last night accused of plotting to wreck David Cameron’s plans for a vote on Britain’s EU membership.


Nigel Farage on why Ukip ‘will go on speaking up for common sense’

WHEN the history is written years from now of how Britain won back its sovereignty I predict that two names will be up at the top of the billing.


Labour peers are so misguided with EU Referendum Bill amendments

MOST members of the unelected House of Lords realise that its function is merely to smooth the rough edges off government legislation.


Fifty Labour amendments to kill Bill for EU referendum

More than 50 amendments tabled for committee stage of the EU Referendum Bill, including holding a petition of a million voters, posing the questions in Cornish and giving prisoners the vote


The Lord Rennard shambles proves that the Lib Dems are still unfit for government


There will be Tory trouble on Europe unless David Cameron sends a Right-winger to Brussels


Tories need less ‘hate’ to win election, says minister

Nicky Morgan, the economic secretary, says party needs a more ‘positive long term plan’ instead of talking about what they are ‘anti’ all the time

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UKIP Week: Bitter divisions in Lincolnshire

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