Pay higher wages to attract UK workers, says Immigration Minister

  • Mark Harper said firms unable to find workers are not paying enough
  • Hit back at claims by Domino’s boss Lance Batchelor that the chain could create 1,000 jobs – but too many British people do not want the work
  • He said there is no question of government relaxing immigration rules to allow Domino’s to ‘keep wages low’
  • Comments come as Sir Stuart Rose criticised the work ethic of Britons


Abu Qatada begins terror trial in Jordan by complaining about HIS rights, saying the deportation deal he struck with Britain has been ‘violated’

  • Radical hate-preacher Abu Qatada on trial after deportation to Jordan
  • He is on trial for terrorism charges for two foiled attacks in 1999 and 2000
  • Qatada stopped Amman court for 30 minutes, refusing to recognise it


Cameron angers Eurosceptics by putting ‘pro-EU team’ in charge of clawing back powers from Brussels

  • Prime Minister asks the Foreign Office to start talks with EU countries
  • Insists William Hague and David Lidington are ‘most expert group’
  • But Eurosceptics warn the ministry is too pro-EU in its approach


End secrecy over HS2 rail project, say senior Tories: Party’s Vice-Chairman warns failure to come clean will fuel ‘growing mistrust’ about scheme

  • Michael Fabricant demanded that the government publish report on HS2
  • Warned that failure to do so would fuel ‘mistrust’ about rail project


Lib Dems have held us back, says Cameron: PM says Britain deserves a ‘more accountable’ Government than the Coalition

  • PM said he ‘very passionately’ wants to lead a single party administration
  • He also hinted he would like to cut the top rate of income tax to 40%
  • Said he has a ‘little black book’ detailing policies he would like to introduce


Shelter in Calais generates fears of increased numbers of migrants to Britain

FEARS of a fresh wave of migrants were raised last night as a new ­reception centre across the Channel proves to be a magnet for refugees.


Business leaders criticise Alex Salmond’s independence ‘wish lists’

Business leaders have challenged Alex Salmond to cost his blueprint for an independent Scotland instead of making up answers “on the hoof” or producing “wish lists”.


Senior civil servant overseeing Universal Credit gets £20,000 bonus

Senior civil servant overseeing problem-hit Universal Credit programme gets £20,000 bonus


Gaming Europe’s future: Time to test the limits of EU reform


Now Labour could become the party of marriage and the family

Voters want leaders who can promise good care for their children and elderly relatives


The man who promises to revolutionise education

Conservative Home

Ukraine shows the need for the EU to develop into a community of sovereign nations


The most important Euro-sceptics in Europe are German


Stephan Shakespeare: The Tory problem – ahead on the economy, behind on brand.

Stephan Shakespeare is a founder and global CEO of YouGov

Guido Fawkes

Guardian Rewrites Mugabe Crowd Reaction

City AM

You always spend your own money better than any government


We’ve neglected the Commonwealth and Britain’s prosperity has suffered


Ministers must stick to carbon dioxide emissions reductions, says CCC

Committee on Climate Change says current plans will save money in long run by reducing dependence on imported gas

Taxpayers shell out more than £2million a year for CLOSED civil service training centre

The building is no longer needed because the Tories axed 80,000 staff – but the Government is tied into a £2.24million annual contract until 2017

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