Background Briefing: Billboards

There has been much coverage both in print and on broadcast outlets regarding the launch of our Billboards.
As a general guide candidates and activists should keep a close eye on broadcast outlets to see what the Party Leader has said on issues as a helpful hint of how questions from the media should be approached.
The following information regarding them may also be of use:
1) The 26 million figure on the pointing finger poster includes more than 2 million British unemployed – how can this be justified?

The poster is designed to bring home to voters the fact that the EU is running a single labour market of hundreds of millions of people across national boundaries so the EU-wide figure of 26 million unemployed is the relevant statistic. If one looks on the EU jobs portal advertising jobs across the EU then up to 900,000 of the jobs being advertised are based in Britain, compared to 300,000 in Germany and just 3 in Bulgaria. This is out of 1.6 million jobs advertised (these figures are typical but change slightly by the day).
2) The 75 per cent of our laws figure – other sources give lower figures. How do we justify it?
We have posted a video of Viviane Reding, the senior European Commissioner on our website giving her frank assessment of 75 per cent or 80 per cent of laws in member states originating in Brussels. Even the Europhile Labour government admitted to 50 per cent in a House of Lords answer given by Lord Triesman in November 2005 – and that was before a tidal wave of new laws and regulations came out of Brussels.
3) The £55 million a day figure?
That is the amount of money going from Britain to Brussels each day calculated by our gross contribution to EU funds. While we do get some money back, much of it comes with orders about how it must be spent. If someone takes £50 from your wallet, then returns £20 and tells you what you must spend it on, are you really expected to be grateful. We are one of the few countries who pay in more than we get out, and with majority voting those countries that get out more than they pay in can always outvote us.
4) How can you justify saying British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour when some studies have suggested immigration has boosted the economy and jobs?

The Migration Advisory Panel to the Government has found that for every 100 extra foreign-born working age migrants in the UK, 23 fewer Britons are in employment. A GMB trade union report has found that wages have fallen behind the cost of living by 13.8 per cent since 2008. Where migrants come and fill low-paid jobs, their tax contribution is likely to be dwarfed by the cost of their in-work benefits and consumption of public services (school places, NHS etc). So the British taxpayer takes another hit on top of their employment prospects being damaged.

What the papers say – Wednesday 23rd April 2014

City AM

– Allister Heath: Vince Cable is fighting yesterday’s battle on boardroom pay

– Sam Bowman: Just three reforms could transform UK recovery into sustainable boom

– Paul Ormerod: Europe shouldn’t be trying to engineer inflation – but to cut taxation

– Kristian Niemietz: How the UK can prevent Nimbys from derailing development it needs
Daily Telegraph

– British miss out on jobs because they lack basic skills, warns PM

– Tories edge closer to cutting aid for onshore windfarms 

– General attacks Nigel Farage over burning flag poster 
Daily Express

– UKIP “voter” in manifesto leaflet works for party 

– Stephen Pollard: UKIP campaign posters are direct but not racist 

Cartoon: re: Manchester United “Nigel Farage fancies the job as United won’t be in Europe next season…”

Daily Mail
– Border guards told quizzing arrivals from EU breaches Brussels rules 
– Farage squirms as BBC man asks if his German wife “stole” a British job 
– Boris posed to announce a return to Parliament
The Times
– ‘I spent EU allowance cash on campaigning against it

– Plan for 3,000 turbines ‘won’t be blown off course

– Marta Andreasen: Farage is mocking a mockery of EU allowances
– Cartoon features Nigel and the ‘pointing finger’ UKIP Billboard
The Guardian
– £500m scheme cannot measure immigration, ministers admit
– Farage launches UKIP campaign amid criticisms of “racist” rhetoric
The Independent
– Labour prepares for dirty war against Tory spin machine
– “Offensive” UKIP poster is honest, says Farage
– They came, they worked, they stayed in Lincolnshire (Extended piece on immigration incl mention for UKIP)
– Nigel Farage: Calling UKIP’s posters ‘racist’ is yet another example of shameful Westminster evasion
Financial Times
– UKIP donor promises publicity spending spree 
The Sun
– Tories braced for a ballot box meltdown as immigration stats released on polling day 
– UKIP’s kick in polls for Cam
– Sun Says: UKIP’s surge 

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