Daily Telegraph

Ukraine crisis: separatist in Donetsk proclaims ‘people’s government’. (An eastern province of Ukraine, additional to the Crimea)

Tony Blair could make ‘large donation’ to Labour

Iain Martin adds to Dan Hodges’ dig at UKIP with “Ukip may be a bunch of Little Englanders, but worrying about mass immigration is not racist

Family breakdown ‘could cost taxpayers £46bn

The Independent

Ukraine crisis: How do you solve a problem like Crimea?

Tax ‘addictive’ sugar to combat growing levels of obesity, says chief medical officer

Netanyahu asks the impossible of Abbas: Israeli PM demands the Palestinian President recognises the state of Israel as legitimate to progress in peace talks

Independent Scotland would be ‘northern light’ against London’s ‘dark star’, says Alex Salmond. (Poetic words as a political argument?)

The Guardian

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama engage in war of words over Ukraine

No 10 ‘blocks’ report that challenges impact of immigration on British jobs

Bankers’ bonus cap architect says EU must sue UK government

Court of appeal to decide whether heavy drinking while pregnant is a crime

Conservatives ambush Lib Dems with bid to take credit for popular policies

Daily Express

Russian invasion of Crimea is ‘baseless’, says William Hague

Now European Union tells Britain: Give us extra £2.4billion to solve hole in budget

Conservatives: We will meet targets for migrants by the general election

Daily Mail

Why did No10 cover up aide’s child porn arrest? Downing Street only confirmed details when pressed by Mail as further sex allegations against PM’s friend emerge

Savers ‘are facing more years of misery’: Experts warn rock bottom interest rates are to continue five years to the day since figure was cut to 0.5%

Country’s most senior judge calls for radical reform of laws on fraud so City bankers can be tried and punished

Fury over crime unit that does EVERYTHING in secret: Agency dubbed ‘Britain’s FBI’ refuses to ‘confirm or deny’ involvement in ongoing investigation into No10 aide

Daily Mirror

Michael Gove sends daughter to state school to get a ‘more comprehensive education’

Ukraine crisis: Live updates after Russian soldier fires first shots in Crimea as surrender deadline passes

Coalition tensions increase as Tories ‘steal’ minimum wage rise announcement from Lib Dems

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