Monday January 13th

  • The European Central Bank announced that over 670,000 forged Euro notes were seizes in 2013, a rise of over 25% year on year
  • Speculation mounts that Greece will require another €11 billion to pay its bills in 2014 despite claims that the economy will return to growth
  • The European Commission announces that it “does all it can to make it easier for people to work in another EU country.”



  • A Gallup poll shows that only 4 countries have faith in the EU leadership (Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg)
  • EC President Barosso recommends that Portugal apply for more EU aid once it leaves the bail-out programme later this year
  • According to data released a record number of Belgian companies filed for bankruptcy during 2013. A total of 12,306 firms went under
  • The European Commission proposes to take away ALL telecoms regulation from member states and replace with one EU-wide regulator
  • Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman warns that Scandinavian private debt levels are dangerously high
  • European ‘Foreign Minister’ Ashton announces that she is to lead a visit to Iran, a country not visited by a British Foreign secretary since 2003
  • The European Court of Auditors delivered a damning verdict on how EU aid is spent in Central agency, stating “The Commission could and should have been more rigorous in managing its budget support and tied it to specific anti-corruption measures. Disbursement decisions were based on partner countries’ commitments to reform rather than on progress achieved.”
  • The EU awards €575 million to academics in ‘mid-career’
  • The European announced mandatory carbon emissions cuts for vans



  • Former ECB chief Trichet said that Germany and France were to blame for ignoring debt and deficit rules and creating the Euro crisis
  • Lithuania announces its intention to join the Euro in 2015, despite only 41% of the people being in favour. PM Butkevicius says he will resign if the currency is not adopted
  • France announced that it had deported 19,380 Roma migrants in 2013. President Hollande said “Do we have to be ashamed of what we have done? No.”
  • MEPs made calls for a European Social Security Card
  • Ford said that they would reconsider their UK investment if they pulled out of the EU
  • European Commissioner Malmström calls for the use of ‘non-traditional’ policing methods and pre-emptive techniques including snooping on social media to combat the rise in extremism



  • After 12 years, the EU have finally admitted that pollen IS a constituent part of honey
  • It was revealed that Germany had been hosting confidential EU talks to agree a mutual no-spy pact, and that the UK has resisted such a move
  • It was announced that EU new car registrations fell 1.3% in 2013
  • New revelations call into question how much Danish prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt knew about the PET spying scandal that has already cost the head of the service and the Justice Minister their jobs
  • New EU accounting rules will ‘boost’ the UK’s economy by between 3 and 4 percent
  • European Commissioner Laszlo Andor tells MEPs that poverty in Europe is at ‘unprecedented levels’.



  • Ukraine clamps down on pro-EU demonstrations with a raft of new laws
  • The EU-Russia summit is scaled down from 2 days to three hours
  • There is impasse between the EU and Gazprom concerning gas supplies to Europe
  • The EU proposes to ban banks from proprietary trading and investing in hedge funds from 2018
  • A judgement from the European Court of justice rules that member states cannot require that an immigrant has tried to provide for himself in his own country
  •  The European Court of Auditors rules that the EU’s environmental funds are “not sufficiently well designed and implemented”
  • The European Commission announces that anti-discrimination legislation in all 28 member states is deficient, and announces that new efforts are required.
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