• Front runner to be next President of the Euro Parl proposes the EU go head to head with Russia this time over Moldova
  • Ethnic Albanian leader in Serbia says the Crimean precedent strengthens case for allowing his region to join Kosovo




  • The EU proposes new regulations for organic food
  • The EU is estimated to be handing the bullfighting industry over £100m in subsidies per year
  • The EU is pushing for higher carbon emission cuts
  •  The EU is to pay 25,000 African students to come to study in Europe
  • The EU has provided €78 million for higher education programmes supporting students and universities in sub-Saharan Africa since 2007
  • The EU issues a directive that forces the UK to spend money on bio fuels and electric cars
  • The EU has set aside €11.7 million for payoffs to MEPs who lose their seats in May
  • The EU fines a Romanian power company €33 million for failing to buy Green Certificates
  • Finland slashes its foreign aid budget.  It can be done.
  • The EU takes a crisis reserve of €433 million for itself



  • EU is to gift €15.5 billion to south and east neighbours despite the EC’s saying that they will probably never reform
  • Greece to go easy on people owing tax
  • Emigration from Portugal is creating a whole new crisis for them as skills shortage bites
  • European Bank of Reconstruction and Development gives Romania €30 million to build a solar power plant
  • Bulgaria has the EU’s lowest hourly wage
  • 184 Spaniards are evicted every day
  • If IMF-Ukraine deal goes through, EU aims to provide €600m in loans and €250m in grants by the end of June.
  • From 2007 and 2013 EU and its member states disbursed around €141 billion in aid to support Africa’s development.
  • Since 2007 the EU €443.7 million were provided to six missions in Sudan, the Comoros, CAR and Mali.
  • Two EU training missions in Somalia and Mali have provided training to over 12,800 military personnel in both countries.
  • Local national and EU politicians & leaders gather in Brussels on 4 Apr to discuss progress on Roma integration in EU
  • The EU spent €26.5 billion on “social inclusion projects” from 2007-2013
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