Rage Against the Forces Switching off the Lights of Freedom!

It’s only two weeks before we celebrate the EU Referendum vote which we won, for Brexit, for Freedom, on June 23rd, 2016. But when we cast our minds back to that day and compare it to where we are now – yes, weeping is indicated.

I however want to weep not because I am grieving, but because I am filled with rage: rage because we Brexiteers have been driven to this shambles by the enemies, the traitors, within.

From the Gina Millers, the Project-Fear-Doom-Mongers in the Establishment, from the ‘wreckers-in-ermine’ in the House of Lords, from the leaders and MPs in the Establishment Parties, from the Remoaners in our metropolitan MSM, from the civil serpents in Whitehall and the foreign money ‘interests’ which have successfully infiltrated even the allegedly impartial Electoral Commission, down to the incessant screechings in social media of ‘millenials’ who bewail their ‘lost future’ – all have worked to secure our oh-so-glorious future inside the EU!

To be fair, a huge amount of blame needs also be put upon the shoulders of Brexiteers and indeed UKIP – I’ll come back  to this later.

Anyone who has read the reports on the Brexit negotiations cannot have failed to notice that every single time our government negotiators have made a half-way acceptable proposal, the answer from Brussels was a resounding ‘Njet’. It doesn’t matter what the proposal was – from borders to fishing to security to trade: ‘unacceptable’ was the answer. That M Barnier is on record saying that the EU won’t negotiate with us seems to have completely passed by our Government and the commentariat. Well, one might say that we knew this already … but still, our government and the ‘loyal’ opposition are faffing around as if there are still important and ever-so-difficult items to work out.

We’ve always suspected that this is a con – and by God, we were right. See this article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the leading article in this morning’s Telegraph – the headline says it all:

Weep for Brexit: the British dash for independence has failed

His assessment rings true:

“Brexiteers, bring out your black suits of mourning. Grieve with private dignity. The quixotic bid for British independence has failed.There will be no return to full sovereign and democratic self-rule in March 2019, or after the transition, or as far as the political eye can see. Britain will be bound and hemmed until the latent contradictions of such a colonial settlement cause a volcanic national uprising, as they surely must.

The Westminster class is edging crablike towards a double embrace of the EU single market and the customs union, the full EU package but without a veto in the European Council, or Euro-MPs with heft in the dominant blocs of Strasbourg,  or judges on the European Court (ECJ) to lean against top-down “Napoleonic” jurisprudence. Both of our great parties are resiling from core manifesto pledges.”

I cannot, in all honesty, find fault with his assessment. Haven’t we read acres of print, seen hordes of pixels about how ‘valiant’ Brexiteers in the Tory Party have been fighting – from reports of Mr David Davis (see the latest here or here or here – but it’s too little too late. He and Mr Liam Fox have been undermined by the arch-Remainers in their own Departments who have kept leaking ‘plans’ to the media, as have faceless “Brussels negotiators”. That super-project-fear ‘leak’ of Britain facing a ‘Brexit Armageddon’ over the weekend is just the latest example. Did our ‘sovereign Parlamentarians’ who scrabble for Brexit-wrecking glory rather than represent the will of their voters even talk about this in yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Question? Did we hear even the faintest rumble of discontent from the Remoaners that such leaks are not the ‘done thing’ during negotiations? Did we heck!

Let me quote once more from Ambrose Evans-Pritchards’ article:

“Those within Britain who have pushed so hard for an emasculated vassal Brexit may find that it is a Pyrrhic victory. It is hard to imagine a more certain way to destroy British relations with Europe than to subject this island to foreign and authoritarian rule, and to try to do so on a permanent footing. Can the Lords not see this? Can the Soubry-Umunna axis in the Commons not see the historical and democratic absurdity of such an arrangement? Is Parliament willing to forgo its ancient prerogatives so lightly for a mess of economic potage, essentially to avoid a short-term shock of no lasting importance in the sweep of time and the life of a nation?”

I’d answer that they can see this but they don’t care – their EU potage is more important than the will of us, the people. They firmly believe that, come another election, they, the Remainers, will win. Are they wrong?

Well, when I look at what happened to the grassroots Brexit Alliance, I’m afraid they may be correct. We only have to look at the crashing of the UKIP votes in by-elections, the 2017 GE and this year’s local elections. After Farage left on the very next day after the Referendum win – just like the PM Cameron – he left UKIP in a shambles. The unedifying elections for a leader to follow him are not forgotten. If the voters thought that it was all done and dusted, then so did many Kippers who left the Party, thinking that they, just as UKIP, were no longer needed.

But there’s sadly more. There are the defeated leadership candidates of last year who left and founded their own parties, taking many good Kippers with them. Their ‘top issue’ wasn’t Brexit, nor even UKIP, but islam and direct democracy. Yes, these are important issues but, as I’ve pointed out again and again – these issues cannot be addressed successfully as long as we are in the EU, under the boot of Brussels and the ECJ.

If the remainers can paint pictures of ‘Armageddon’, then what about the vision of Brussels’ security forces in the form of EUROGENDFOR stamping out protests here on our streets? It can’t happen? I wouldn’t be so certain … Or what about ‘free movement’? The EAW?

In addition, I’m afraid that we Kippers have now become defeatist ourselves. I hate to say this, but thanks to the splinter groups I mentioned above the by-election next Thursday will hand the victory to the establishment candidate – no surprise – with the UKIP vote split three-ways. Gerard Batten keeps reminding us and voters that we got the referendum only because UKIP was a valid electoral threat to the establishment. No longer. And because we are not, the establishment feels free to ride roughshod over us.

Then there’s this depressing note from the London Regional Chair:

“I have been instructed to cancel my planned UKIP “Referendum 2nd Birthday Party” outside Parliament on Saturday 23rd June.  Apparently, a large, co-ordinated cross-party Remoaner March is expected in Central London on the same day, and there will thus be opportunities for mischief by the press in reporting relative attendance levels at the two.  We’ll arrange something less public for that special day.”

That, dear friends, is the reality. What chance other demos when the anti-Brexit forces, with the help of government, can mount successful counter demos …

And to finish with yet another Armageddon image: we are in a war – a war with the EU. Had the Nazi sympathisers in WWII the same freedom to undermine our resistance to Hitler Germany, with arguments that we’re too feeble to stand alone, that winning the war ‘cannot be done’, that it would be too costly – we would indeed speak German now. But if we let the traitors in our midst go on their merry way, I’m sure our children will have to learn that language …

As for me: I weep – raging, not grieving.


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