Welcome back to all our readers, contributors and correspondents!


During the last 24 hours, the whole site – archives, libraries, comments – has been successfully moved from the previous server and hosting company to a new one. The move had to be undertaken now because the previous IT administrator and his server was closing down business at the end of this month.


Some of you will recall that during the previous move after the EU Referendum in 2016 we were offline for a week. This is the place to thank Richard IT for all the hard work he did for us during the time he moved the site in 2016 up until now.


A lot of work had to be done in the background to make the present transfer as smooth and painless as possible. Some of that fiddly background work was done while UKIP Daily was still on the old server, but much more had to be done before and during the transfer. That’s why the site was in lock-down for 24 hours. So – a big Thank You to our new IT administrator, Chas.


At the moment all you’ll notice is that everything is much faster. But now that the site is secure (look for that little padlock in your browser address), the new IT administrator Chas and we editors are planning to create a new design for the site, with all the bells and whistles you all have been asking for and which we editors desire – better search facilities, for example, a better comments facility, better presence on social media and more Categories, for example for branch announcements –  all that while this site will be running as usual.


Since one can never give enough thanks – again a big Thank You from us editors at UKIP Daily to our previous IT administrator and his work to keep this show on the road, to our new IT administrator for making this transfer so painless, and of course to all of you for waiting these 24 hours without complaining about withdrawal symptoms!


Onwards and upwards!

Your editorial team at UKIP Daily

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