“Enough is enough” said Theresa May; just before she went on to tell us how these incessant terror attacks represent a “perversion of Islam”.  Once again, she offered no scripture to back up her claim.  Yes, Prime Minister, enough is enough.  Enough platitudes.  Enough political correctness.  Enough pretending.  Enough talk.

I am not going to say how terrible this is, we all know.  While part of me expected this, it has still left me stunned.  Three terror attacks on the British people inside of three months.

Theresa May talked tougher than usual yesterday, but nothing will really change, we know this.  We know it because Theresa May, or any other major political figure in Britain, will not tackle this in the way that it needs to be tackled.  They are far too concerned about “alienating” Muslims or upsetting Saudi theocrats. What we need is a leader who prioritises neither of those, but who stands for the British people, no ifs or buts.

Here is how we do it:

  • Internment

This is a very serious situation and it needs a very serious response.  We need emergency legislation to remove the scourge of Islamist ideologues from our streets.  Those who are not British will be deported – now.  No lengthy appeals at taxpayers’ expense, no activist judges allowed to interfere.  The British government must step up and govern.  If a Jihadi’s home country doesn’t want to take them, then that country will never receive a penny from the British taxpayer again.  If we don’t know where a person’s home country is, they will be held in detention until they tell us.  All deportees will be banned for life.  Those who leave to fight for ISIS can stay there, no more returning fighters to the UK.

  • Prioritise spending on policing and defence

Money is needed to fight this, and it must be our spending priority.  Police, security services, and indeed the military, must be given what they need to end this.  They will have the resources they need as a matter of priority.  There is plenty of money in this country; all we need to do is spend it on ourselves for a change.  End all Foreign Aid (except for genuine emergencies) and stop mass immigration of benefit-dependents.

  • Scrap the Human Rights Act

So often we are hampered by our own legislation, the main culprit being the Human Rights Act.  This gives rights (in Britain) to anyone from anywhere.  Merely being human qualifies a person to live in Britain it seems.  No more.  It is British citizens that will have rights in Britain,including the right to be prioritised.

  • Raid known Jihad mosques

We already know some of the mosques that are propping up the Jihad in Britain.  We know mosques that preach death to the West, death to us.  Go in to these mosques, seize literature, arrest imams, look closely at who they are, what their record is, and then either throw them out of the country or jail them for any criminal offences.  This applies to Sharia councils as well.

  • Stand up to Saudi Arabia

We must stop all Saudi funding of mosques in Britain, now.  But lets not make the mistake of thinking this will solve the problem.  It’s easy to contain all of this within a safe “Wahhabism-is-the-issue” box.  But Wahhabism is not the issue.  The religion is the issue.  The Islam of Iran, UAE, Qatar, Afghanistan, Egypt or Somalia, is also incompatible with Western democracy.  We must say so, and reject it.

We must also commit, as a nation, not to support Saudi Arabia on the international stage.  Saudi must be stopped.

  • End (or severely restrict) immigration from Muslim countries

In the long-term, seriously restricting immigration from Muslims societies is a must.  We must accept that the two cultures are incompatible, and that forcing large numbers together has resulted in conflict.  We must also stop the growth of large benefit-dependent migrant families.

  • Write a British constitution

This one essential for the health of the country – it is needed if we are to ensure that the Britain we know survives in to the future.  Given the years of change, it is time for Britain to take a breath.  We need to define who we are, and enshrine our values in a constitution for generations to come.

  • Acknowledge the root of the problem

This is the most important thing we need to do, both for the long and short term.  We must stop throwing around flippant statements like ‘Islam is peace’ or ‘the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful’ and start backing these up with evidence and debate. The question ought not to focus only on terrorism, but on Sharia law, because that is the root of the problem.

Whether Sharia is brought about by the bomb or the ballot box makes no difference, the fight is against Sharia law.  We must condemn and oppose it at all costs.

Finally, we must stop apologising for our existence and find a bit of confidence again.  We should remind ourselves regularly what is great about Britain, about Europe, and about the West.  We are lucky to have it, and we shouldn’t throw it away.

It is time to get tough; three attacks in as many months means we cannot look away any longer.  “This is for Allah” said the London Bridge Jihad attackers to their victims.  We must now fight back – if they attack us for Allah, we will respond for Britain.



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