The biggest mistake that Henry Bolton made was not having an affair with Jo Marney – it was having no message. Literally zero message.  Even when he did get airtime, he either came out with a pile of boring platitudes that no one was listening to, like ‘Hard Brexit blah blah blah’, or just giggled like an embarrassed school girl.

The worse example was when Henry was asked on LBC  what he was doing on St Valentines day. If I were asked that question, I would have said, ‘You want to talk about love and sex – let’s talk about Oxfam, let’s talk about abuses of foreign aid, let’s talk about Rotherham and Rochdale and let’s talk about Naz Shah tweeting that white girls should shut up for the sake of diversity.’ Instead Henry sheepishly said, ‘I might send her a card’ and smirked.

And this is the problem – months and months of UKIP radio silence – and it is still happening.

Everyday there are things we can say – Trump and steel tariffs – when are we going to be free of the EU and do similar?  May and her terrible idea of imposing housing on local authorities against their and the local people’s will – whilst saying nothing about 10 million people arriving in this country. What did UKIP have to say about the Italian elections?  Why was Steve Bannon from the USA on the front page of Breitbart and the Italian papers and not Gerard Batten? Gerard is after all, the leader of the party that started this entire thing off!

We need to be controversial.

We need to make headlines.

We need messages everyday.

Even if only one message in ten hits its mark, it will be something.

We need to become best friends with Raheem Kassam at Breitbart and The Express and to constantly be making the news.  

And it does not matter if the press portray us badly or the message isn’t exact – we need to show we are there.

Are we calling up Italian newspapers as no doubt Bannon did?  He even went over there!

And the local elections – what are our messages?

I hear nothing. How can I get people to stand when they don’t have a message at this late stage?

Let’s write our top five messages and get them printed in our local papers or indeed in Breitbart tomorrow.

And let’s be clear about a couple of  things:

There are local issues that are specific to one area or one candidate  but there are lots of national issues that affect all local authorities and  all local people.

But these national issues must not be vague like migration or Brexit which local government have no control over. The policies must be things local authorities make decisions on.  How about starting with these:

  1. Local council houses for local people: You must either have lived or worked in the area for 5 years or more to be eligible. Nothing rankles people more than a family who have just arrived from another country jumping thousands of local people in the queue.
  2. Local authorities contracts for local businesses in the same county.
  3. No Local authority employee to be paid more than Theresa May at £152,532. (The previous head of Norfolk county council was paid over £400,000 and Norfolk spent £32m in 5 years on redundancy payments to senior executives)
  4. Stop vanity projects which cost piles of money and serve little good –  an example just now in Norwich is hundreds of thousand spent on pedestrianising an area of the centre and also causing massive traffic problems. Another was the millions spent on the outer harbour in Great Yarmouth for which council tax payers are still paying and which was the subject of a public inquiry.  The waste goes on and on.
  5. Stop funding left wing pseudo charities – lots of example of grants to diversity projects and refugees projects which simply seem to add more economic migrants to the area and are bitterly resented by local people.
  6. Stop putting up council tax and business rates above inflation.  In one example in Great Yarmouth, a tiny pub in a backstreet of a run down area had their rates increased by 300% so that they ended up paying more in business rates than the rent – and we wonder why all the local shops close down.

Let’s just get something out there!

It doesn’t need to be perfect. Not everyone will agree with everything but let’s go!

Politics is about communicating , about making waves and about message and we must do it now!

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