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The other day the defence minister Michael Fallon pointed out in a speech that the ‘enemy’ was Russia. As I understand it this was said to distinguish it from  the ‘real’ enemy which, of course, is ISIL or Daesh.

In the age of fake news, it should be pointed out that this intemperate and fallacious utterance is dangerous in the extreme. If by this he merely meant awkward, uncooperative or mendacious, or even interfering in the internal affairs of others, yes! He might have grounds for those conclusions, but the term ‘enemy’ in many peoples’ book often denotes circumstances which can result in a military conclusion and when it is used in connection with  the behaviour of a major power – Russia – that is more what we used to call ‘fighting talk’, closely akin to provocation and certainly inflammatory.

Michael Fallon is not alone in adopting this warmongering posture; in this case he is only enlarging upon the spadework put in by his EU comrades who having invested so much political capital in bringing about ‘regime change’ in the Ukraine, poked the Russian tiger and tried to snatch this country into Nato and eventually the EU – remember the visits to that country of  Rumpey-Pumpey and his handmaiden, that unctuous and dangerous Barrosso, eloquently backed up by those supreme regime-change merchants the USA fresh from their success in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt. Afghanistan, oh! I almost forgot, Iraq.

Admittedly Russia was a bit naughty  in seizing the Crimea, but was probably a little less blameworthy in its support of its own blood relations and interests in Eastern Ukraine when they were threatened by a now not very democratic organisation calling itself a legitimate state.

As Nigel Farage advised at the time: “The West had blood on its hands.”

Too true the Russians were still smarting from their withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, which had become too hot for them to continue to hold against the US-supported Mujahideen. Move on some years, the Cold War ended, the Soviet Union’s empire disintegrated and Western triumphalism took over – “we won the cold war” they boasted. But Russia under Putin became a different prospect. His nation had previously enjoyed considerable influence, primarily in the Middle East, but this dwindled as the West increasingly took the opportunity to ‘democratise’ this prominently Muslim region.

Of course imposition of Western-style democracy was not the primary objective; it was purely to ensure the supply of cheap oil which was needed to satisfy the increasingly rapid modernisation of life. Then flies began  to appear in the ointment. First Persia got the Mullahs and Ayatollahs who introduced a reign of terror which has become a pattern for all fellow travellers throughout the Muslim world.

To cut a long story short, the west has intervened in this imbroglio to no small extent and made a mess of it into the bargain, with shocking deaths or mutilation in not just Syria but in Middle Eastern and many North African countries from the Equator northwards. Further east, Pakistan is heavily affected and even China has increasing affliction from indigenous Muslims as well as Muslim terrorism apparently determined to achieve global influence.

The Obama/Clinton duo, not having learned previous lessons that ‘regime change’ for some dictators was not a good plan, tried the same thing on Assad, the Syrian president, having armed the opposition and fixed up with the EU and Mr. Cameron to finish off the job with a bombing campaign; unfortunately the British Parliament was not prepared to sanction military action and so they had to make do with a face-saving operation to remove chemical weapons.

The US realised that without a bombing campaign Assad could not be removed; both warring factions had boxed themselves to a stalemate – neither side could win. It was Russia that proposed the chemical removal operation, which the US grasped albeit grudgingly because they knew they had handed the whole initiative to their greatest rival (enemy), a Cold War rival who they had already successfully damned to most of world opinion and against whom they had waged a successful economic deprivation campaign.

Now followed the master stroke.  Obama was coming to the end of his second term of presidency, Clinton eventually was his chosen successor; she had a nasty habit of not being very careful with which phone she used for what was supposed to be secure emails, in other words she was evading proper channels which would certainly be observed and using channels capable of being accessed by hackers and other outside parties. Hey presto, somebody did the deed and leaked the contents to the public. Clinton survived disqualification from the presidential race and in fact turned the tables on the leakers by hammering the prospect that the wicked Russians were interfering in the US electoral process. Seems they were on to something; they now reputedly are now at the same game in Germany, France, Holland, or rather the opposite…………this infamy is endless, it just goes on and on…….and on.

Just a minute. Where did these pesky Russians learn this craft of cyber spying and interference? Of course from the masters the good ol’ US of A. Strange we haven’t heard the Russians condemned outright as the enemy, by the one man who should know the most powerful man, they say, in the free world – The President DONALD TRUMP – At least he knows fake facts when he hears them!

Please do get your facts straight, Michael Fallon, and stop trying to kid us that the Russians don’t have a point. If we are ever to begin to sort out this mess in the Middle East and further afield then the USA and Russia need each other to learn to ‘get along together’.

Declaring a country is the enemy is just pandering to international warmongerers – it must CEASE.

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